Group 13 – Cancer Risk in Patients Suffering from Barrett’s Esophagus

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55 Responses to Group 13 – Cancer Risk in Patients Suffering from Barrett’s Esophagus

  1. Diaz Noah says:

    The visual parts were hard to understand at some points. But a very creative video that spurred my interest in this topic.

  2. Tokos Margaret says:

    Good choice for the music. My biggest critique would be that the visuals were conflicting when they did not reflect what was being said. The dialogue was also a little fast. Despite this though, the speakers spoke very clearly and I learned some interesting things about this cancer research!

  3. Moore Collin says:

    I loved how you illustrated the condition and explained how it linked to evolutionary concepts. It really helped me understand y’all’s study!

  4. Parikh Krishna says:

    This video was very engaging as the strong visuals made it easy to follow. I think adding music was a very smart move.

  5. Popovici David says:

    I enjoyed the visual presentations of the “happy” cells. Good vocal inflection as well.

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