Group 16, Behavior of Pigeons Based on Knowledge of the Leader

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57 Responses to Group 16, Behavior of Pigeons Based on Knowledge of the Leader

  1. Chen Morissa says:

    Very professional seeming video. This definitely made it easier to follow than some of the other videos. The engaging tone of the narrator helped me actively listen. The information was covered thoroughly but was not overwhelming either.

  2. Tokos Margaret says:

    Wow this video blew the others out of the water. The intro, music and visuals went together perfectly. Great narration. This speaker had a nice style in his voice, accompanied by the jazzy piano in the background, making the video more quirky and entertaining while still being very informative.

  3. Polik Hayriye says:

    The final product is amazing! This video is by far the most professional looking video I’ve seen. Great job! The information and voice and narration speed is just perfect

  4. Moore Collin says:

    You did a good job explaining how they controlled for the age of the pigeons in the populations.

  5. Durrah Mirage says:

    Very entertaining and engaging video, speaker had a clear voice and visuals were well done! I also think the music correlated well with his voice. overall good job!

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