Group 31 – A Study of the Population History of Aboriginal Australians

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48 Responses to Group 31 – A Study of the Population History of Aboriginal Australians

  1. Andrew Matson says:

    The results of the study were clearly understood, aided by the illustrations. However, sometimes the music could be a little distracting, and it might have been better to shoot the video from a different angle; it was often difficult to see what was being drawn. Altogether, great job!

  2. Nava Eduardo says:

    I like how you guys sped up the talking to be able to fit in so much information. Good job!

  3. Schulz Laura says:

    I like how you actually had people in the video instead of just a voiceover on a whiteboard/piece of paper. It was refreshing and made it more interesting to watch!

  4. lwilson64 says:

    Interesting topic that related to what we are doing in class. Visual work was good, but couldn’t always hear what was being said.

  5. Adithi Anil says:

    While the visuals were good, the voices were too fast to always follow/understand what was being said. There were many parts I had to rewind to watch a section again to catch a part I missed.

  6. Aldrete Carlos says:

    While the use of the whiteboard and hand drawn illustrations was effective, the audio of this video was very distracting. The voices were too far sped up to be understood and they did not give viewers time to comprehend the information. Also, the audio levels themselves were too low and unclear.

  7. Sheu Wendy says:

    The information was good. But the people drawing on the board were covering the nice drawings y’all had.

  8. Harris Sarah says:

    Although it was refreshing to see people in a video, the angle of the camera and the placement of the people made it very difficult to see and understand the drawings. The audio was also really sped up and I couldn’t comprehend anything that was being said.

  9. Blake Daniels says:

    The figures were a little difficult to see due to the artist standing between the whiteboard and the camera. However, the video did improve between the second and first filming location, due to improved lighting and decreased glare.

  10. Whitt Sabrina says:

    Lots of information! I liked the definitions at the beginning of the video. The drawings were hard to see, because most of the artists covered it. Also because the video was sped up a bit, it was hard to understand and retain so much of the information. But good job on being so informative.

  11. Delgrego Megan says:

    The group did a good job of explaining and coming up with nice visuals; however the audio was too fast to be able to comprehend the audio and look at the figures in time. Also, people sometimes covered up the drawings making them even harder to see and understand.

  12. White Samantha says:

    I liked how everyone was incorporated in the video and participated in the drawings. I thought the information came across very clear and concise, but the audio was really fast which made it hard to understand at some points.

  13. Carkuff Rachel says:

    The sped up audio made it harder to follow some of the information, and the background music was a little too loud at points. A lot of the visuals were covered up by whoever was drawing the image. The information was incredibly interesting, and the audio was generally clear and easy to hear, despite being too fast.

  14. Broderick Kirby says:

    The pacing was a bit variable and the camera angle was awkward, but the data was well-presented

  15. Kang Jenifer says:

    The angle at the beginning was awkward, but it worked out later on in the video. The audio was fast and seemed kind of hectic at times, and the background music sometimes drowned out the speaker. The information was overall presented clearly and visuals were engaging. The results were well explained as well.

  16. Chaewon Min says:

    You guys did a fine job with presenting the material overall. Sometimes because of the camera angle, I couldn’t clearly see the whiteboard.

  17. Li Danny says:

    The information was presented clearly and the illustrations used helped backed it up. However, a different camera angle can be used to prevent the drawers from covering the illustrations. Also the narration was a a little too fast. Overall, the video was still well done and presented a lot of information.

  18. Newville Grace says:

    This was an informative video, but the visuals were not the best. The person drawing often blocked the illustration which made it pointless to be drawing in real time, also the definitions shown at the beginning could have been explained rather than just briefly flashed on the screen for 3 seconds.

  19. Wauldron Natalia says:

    Good video overall! At times, however, the camera angle served you guys an injustice because your awesome images weren’t as clear as they could have been and the audio was a little fast. Information was very well present though.

  20. Hebert Mason says:

    Lots and lots of information. Some would say too much information. The narration was very fast, and hard to understand. Not only that, but the background music often drowned out the narration.

  21. Wilson Emma says:

    I really enjoyed the pictures that were included with the material. They made the material so much easier to understand. The speaking was a little fast at times and the introduction was a little awkward at first.

  22. Mohammad Awan says:

    The video had some good visuals but they could be improved. There was a good amount of information. The camera could have been held higher. Nice information though.

  23. Smith Jaeiza says:

    The video had great volume and good information. Unfortunately, the speed up of the audio of the video made it hard to follow.

  24. Higgins Lisa says:

    First, I think it would have been helpful to explain the definitions rather than flashing them on the screen. I think that the graphics were good in this video but often partially covered by the narrator. The speed of the it made it very difficult to follow and understand the content.

  25. Stolz Alexandra says:

    There was a lot of information given in this video. The visuals helped to explain the information being given. However, it was still hard to follow at times and hard to understand. Overall this video was well done.

  26. Dubey Shresttha says:

    The organization of this video was pristine. The way that it was split up and introduced was really well done.

  27. Reynolds Kirsten says:

    The volume of the video was very loud, and the “definitions” at the beginning were not explained and were presented in a very short amount of time. The music was also a bit distracting. However, that being said, the information presented was very clear. Though the narration was very fast and quiet, the illustrations contributed to my understanding of the video, as did the subtitles. Overall, the video was good and the information was understandable.

  28. Arpinar Omer says:

    While the topics were adequately discussed the visuals were hard to see at times, maybe zooming in at times or bringing the white board closer might’ve helped.

  29. Guilherme Pinto says:

    The content was really well explained and the drawings really helped when explaining the conclusions. The only problem was the angle of the camera which was positioned really low, most of the times the back of the person drawing was blocking the entire drawing. The background music was also good.

  30. Cho Ha says:

    I liked how everyone contributed to the drawing, and the drawings matched up well with all the information that were presented. At times, it was hard to see the drawings because the person was blocking the image, but overall, I thought you guys did a great job in presenting all the materials!

  31. McGlothin Molly says:

    At times it was hard to hear the voices which made me miss details. The camera’s angle to board would at times result in not seeing all the information. Overall the results were well explained.

  32. Trout Robert says:

    I loved the way the information was presented, and you guys looked like you worked well together. The only problem I had was that you guys were standing in front of the board a lot while you were drawing, it made following the information kind of hard.

  33. Lin Min says:

    The speed of the video was too fast sometimes for information to be grasped, but overall nice job on getting concepts across.

  34. Beruk Samson says:

    Interesting way to visually represent the content being discussed. I thought it was interesting the way the video started because I expected a lecture style explanation but as the narration began I found that there were times when it felt like the narrator was rushing through the content. Considering the music file in the background, it would have been more beneficial if the narrators spoke a little slower.

  35. Joseph Shaver says:

    Having the voice over sped up made it a little difficult to understand. The drawings were on topic and helped convey the topics being presented. At times the camera was a little far away from the board and made it hard to see what was being drawn/written, but still a good video.

  36. Goggans Griffin says:

    The video is well put together, but I found it hard to follow because the narration was very fast. Use of the whiteboard and time-lapse video footage made this video creative.

  37. Likes Taisha says:

    This was definitely a neat topic to learn about. This video was well done. I loved the music. I also thought it was well structured, and liked that each group member was equally represented.

  38. Johnston Gregory says:

    The different kinds of visuals made this really interesting. I also liked the music you used – it wasn’t too loud and it went along with the video well.

  39. Warner Chase says:

    Why do you not read the definitions so briefly shown at the beginning? Further, the speed with which the information is described makes it harder to understand. Also, the people drawing at times blocked the images themselves. However, by keeping the video moving, it was overall more interesting than had it been stagnant. One suggestion for this video is to better explain how the information of the video connects directly to the concepts of class, for example explaining the concept of evolution from a common ancestor affecting the differences in genome between people descended from earlier waves leaving Africa and people descended from later waves.

  40. Kumar Nishant says:

    A lot of information in the the time allotted. Great job. I had the same topic, so i could follow along well. Good drawings.

  41. Voravong Katlyn says:

    The video did its job for the most part. Filming the board straight on made it hard to see the illustrations as they were being drawn. The research information was easily digestible and the pace of the video was good.

  42. Ali Shan says:

    Your group should have condensed the information you found from the article to make it easier to follow from the audience. However, it was very informative with effective visuals.

  43. Jehle John says:

    The information was very complex and not very audience friendly. The drawings did a great job of conveying the information but the video itself wasn’t well put together.

  44. Jackson Kierston says:

    The graphics were very relevant to your topic which helped understand the topic being discussed better. Sometimes though it was hard to see the images because of the angle that the board was being filmed at so just beware of that. Also the audio in certain clips were louder than others and the music sometimes was a little too loud so it sometimes took away from the information that was being discussed

  45. Berlinghoff Adam says:

    The animations were pretty good but I think the information could have been simplified a little more. Also most of the time the narrators were talking a little too fast. If you simplified your info you could have slowed down and made it a lot easier to understand and follow.

  46. Chawla Rishab says:

    Narration was out of sync with drawings. Those drawing on board were blocking them unfortunately. It seemed that you all did a good job explaining all the concepts in a way we can understand them, however.

  47. Parikh Krishna says:

    The information was all there for this video, however the presentation left something to be desired. Speeding up the audio made it more difficult to follow. Even with the audio sped up, the video is about a minute over length.

  48. Vagott Jacob says:

    The presentation of the material needs some work, but the information is all there and well prepared. The audio made it confusing to comprehend.

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