Group 20. Fitness Consequences of Sperm Midpiece Size in Deer Mice


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73 Responses to Group 20. Fitness Consequences of Sperm Midpiece Size in Deer Mice

  1. Johnston Gregory says:

    This video did a great job of communicating the main idea of the study. The visuals were helpful, but a little more variation (different colors of markers, different camera angle, different medium) would have made the video more engaging.

  2. Marcos Schwaycer says:

    Thank you for your video. I really liked the visuals and I found it very informative. The content was a bit dull at times and perhaps it would have been better to use less technical language. Overall very good though.

  3. Jones Dillon says:

    The cinematography could use a bit of work, but content was overall good. Definitely explained the biological concepts related to evolution of sperm mid piece size.

  4. Forsmo James says:

    This video is very clear and easily understandable, but make sure you know how to pronounce all the species names before you record the audio. The whiteboard visuals are interesting to watch and help explain the experiment. The graphs you drew out on the board were especially helpful in understanding the experiment. Overall, very nice job.

  5. Bullock Kate says:

    I really enjoyed your video. I thought the information was put into a way that was very understandable. Although in the beginning the audio was a little fast, and the graph was a little hard to see/ follow. Overall I though the video was very good; good job!

  6. Kumar Nishant says:

    Great job. A proper summary provided for the topic. Drawings were very good and matched well. Camerawork could have been better, but it wasn’t to distracting

  7. Jenkins Alexandria says:

    This video did a great job of connecting topics from our modules to a real experiment. The camera was a little shaky and the audio was fast at times, but the speaker’s voice was very clear. Good job!

  8. Ortega Michelle says:

    The introduction was very well done, as it is always a good thing to start by introducing the topics on will be discussing. It is also reflects what you have learned in Bio1510, which is always great. Although the camera was a bit shaky, the figures and pictures did a good job it reflecting this experiment. If anything, it was hard to understand the speaker at times because of how fast they were speaking. Good job.

  9. Ali Shan says:

    Nice graphs and figures to explain the data! The video was engaging with great videos. Audio was good quality as well. Camera was shaky, but overall, great work!

  10. Phillips Matthew says:

    The video had a lot of information and was very easy to follow. It was cool when your group moved around the camera to close up on the visual in the beginning ,and it made the video more interesting.

  11. Turner Emma says:

    Went in depth enough to give context but not too far as to confuse me. The data was explained in a simple yet informative manner and the concepts assisted your project didn’t take away from it. Very good video

  12. smortley3 says:

    The video was very good at explaining the research with enough background to understand but in simple terms and the sound quality is great.

  13. Brockman Christine says:

    Good job, the video explained the content well and was very descriptive. Sometimes, I felt it was hard to see the visuals drawn because of the distance from the camera.

  14. Eling Taylor says:

    The narration was steady and the visuals were also very helpful in comprehension, and the audio was clear. One thing causing some distraction is the shaky camerawork. It might be better to use a tripod next time.

  15. Jackson Kierston says:

    The information was explained very well and the audio was very clear. Sometimes the speaking was a tad bit fast which made it hard to keep up with everything being said. Great job on including the bar graph with results, and amazing job on explaining it.

  16. Garg Pallavi says:

    As another group who had this topic, I enjoyed your take on it! The camera was a little shaky but the drawings made it very easy to follow along with the experiment. The narration was also very well incorporated into the video.

  17. Svitak Ethan says:

    An artistic style reminiscent of some educational videos on this very site. A tripod would have helped immensely with the shakiness of the video and helped improve the quality of this video.

  18. Jehle John says:

    The video was very fast and came out very strong; however, the topic was interesting and it did become more understandable as the video went on. I wish you used more colors in your visuals for more appeal though.

  19. Park Cassie says:

    The content of the video was logically laid out, with descriptions of the experiment leading to the results. Thus, it was also very thorough. The audio and speaker were difficult to understand at times, with inconsistencies in speed, volume, and annunciation of words. The visuals were logical; however, the were not necessarily always appealing/engaging.

  20. Chawla Rishab says:

    I am a huge fan of this “draw my life” approach as it really gives depth and life to the video. You were able to take an abstract topic filled with difficult-to-pronounce scientific names and make a true connection with the viewer. Well done!

  21. Parikh Krishna says:

    I enjoyed the video and thought the drawings and narration captured my attention well. The topic was interesting and the video went into a good amount of detail. I would recommend a using a tripod to film.

  22. Moore Collin says:

    You did a good job linking the two graphs together to tell the story of the sperm.

  23. Vagott Jacob says:

    The camera shakiness was the main drawback. Good job presenting this interesting topic in a way that is easy to understand.

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