Group 20. Fitness Consequences of Sperm Midpiece Size in Deer Mice


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73 Responses to Group 20. Fitness Consequences of Sperm Midpiece Size in Deer Mice

  1. Berry Savannah says:

    Interesting topic; well done. Camerawork was shaky- I recommend using a tripod or a laptop camera next time. Very good video!

  2. Bernal Nicolas says:

    The topic was covered in depth and presented in an easy to understand format. The drawings added greatly to the video.

  3. Kern Ryan says:

    I like how you had a constantly moving camera at a very slanted angle, it made me feel as if i was actually there. Otherwise good job discussing the paper and what not

  4. Barone Cassandra says:

    The drawings worked well in this video and the information was good. The only thing is the shaky camera sometimes, but that is minor.

  5. Andrew Matson says:

    All topics and ideas were presented clearly and were easy to understand. The connections to reproduction were very useful, and the drawings throughout the video made it much more understandable as well. Some of the terms used when discussing the results were a little confusing.

  6. Elisabet Ruiz-Torres says:

    The video had good information and the speakers were easy to understand. All the information in the video was connected and the illustrations aided in the presentation on the information presented. However, the camera was shaky, perhaps the use of a tripod would have helped.

  7. Nava Eduardo says:

    Great job explaining the study. The drawings made it super clear what was going on.

  8. lwilson64 says:

    Voice overs were very clear, camera work was a little shaky. Otherwise, visuals were very well done, and informative.

  9. Kumar Gayathri says:

    Your information presented is articulate and interesting. The graphs are neat and readable and the connections to lectures are clearly noticeable.

  10. Moye Lauren says:

    The visuals were a really interesting and a way to present this information. The message was clear and explained well. Good job!

  11. Robang Alicia says:

    The study was explained very well, but the terms used got a little confusing. Drawings were helpful, and the figures used were especially good!

  12. Whitt Sabrina says:

    The audio was really good and the speaker hit all the key points, being concise and straightforward. However, the camera was really shaky. Overall, good job!

  13. Zibitt Meira says:

    The introduction really outlined the purpose of the experiment which made the more complex explanation of the study easier to understand. The video was good and the information was interesting. Good job!

  14. Broderick Kirby says:

    It was a bit oversimplified- referring to the homozygous recessive mice as ‘little-a little-a’. Informative, though.

  15. Patel Krishna says:

    The information in the video was represented very well and was easy to follow. The visuals were well drawn and informative. Overall, good job!

  16. Filmer Andres says:

    The drawing were helpful and good. Sometimes the speaker talked to quickly and made it difficult to understand. Otherwise it was pretty good.

  17. Satapathy Aparajita says:

    My group also did this topic and your video was very informative. It was easy to follow and the drawings were well drawn.

  18. Patel Amy says:

    The drawings were very clear, but at times the shaky camera became distracting. Good pacing in terms of narration, I learned a lot!

  19. Kaparos Efiyenia says:

    The content was well explained, especially with the background information given in the intro. The camera was shaky at times and some of the visuals were too far away to see.

  20. Delgrego Megan says:

    The visuals were clear and effective and the group explained all the topics very well. I wish a tripod was used however to center the visuals and that once the drawings were finished the visual was paused so the viewer could look at the drawing in full, but otherwise great video.

  21. Bonitatibus Rachael says:

    The back ground information and explains of the purpose of the experiment at the beginning of the video really helped your audience gain perspective on the topic. The information was clear and easy to understand. i like the visuals but, like everyone else said, it was a little shaky.

  22. Bhakhri Arohi says:

    I also had this topic and it was cool to see your take on the information. I like the voice over and how clear it is. The illustrations were also a great way to present your information. As mentioned a couple times, the camera is a tad shaky and takes away from the video a little, but other than that, it is well done.

  23. Fox Abigail says:

    I think the video tied into the genetics topics covered in class very well. Also, the narrator was easy to understand and the pace was good to follow along with. As said in previous comments, the camera was shaking throughout the video and wasn’t centered, which made the graphics difficult to read. Altogether, I think the video was very comprehensive and presented a lot of the study.

  24. Warren Tyler says:

    This video was a good, broad overview of the subject. The details on how they did the experiment were very detailed. The camera was somewhat shaky. The video kind of breezed oer the applications of this work. But it was a strong video regardless.

  25. Kang Jenifer says:

    The video presented the information well. The camerawork was shaky, but wasn’t too distracting. The audio was clear. The results were well presented and the connection was clear.

  26. Chaewon Min says:

    We had the same video! The video was certainly easy to follow and you guys did a good job tying to what we have learned in class!

  27. Li Danny says:

    The drawings and narration did a great job in presenting the information. The only problem with the video was that the camera was a little shaky and can be distracting. Overall, the video was easy to follow and understand.

  28. Ferguson David says:

    Overall the video was good. The drawing were done really well and the narration was easy to follow and understand.More time could have gone into explaining the general significance and applications of this work in scientific research areas such as genetics.

  29. Newville Grace says:

    The video quality and lighting wasn’t the best, but what was being drawn was relevant to what was being said. The information was presented in a good way, but could have been a little more entertaining.

  30. Reeves Olivia says:

    Content was well explained – seemed as if you had a good grasp on it. On the quality of the video, the camera was a little shaky and it wouldn’t have hurt to retake some of the talking parts. Overall, good video that well explained the content.

  31. Wilson Emma says:

    The drawings made the information a lot easier to understand, but I wish the pictures would have been a little more colorful to make the video a little more interesting. Other than that, I really enjoyed the video and thought it was very easy to understand.

  32. Kouba Amelie says:

    Drawings were helpful and the speaking was informative. However the video was slightly wobbly – tripods are really helpful. The voice over could have been a little more enthusiastic, but good job overall.

  33. White Samantha says:

    The concepts were really well explained and I thought that pictures matched up almost perfectly with the concepts being discussed. Good job!

  34. Reeves Devon says:

    The drawings were really good but the video was a little shaky and distracting. The graphs worked great for explaining the data clearly and the video was easy to follow along with. It was very informative. Good job!

  35. Smith Jaeiza says:

    You had a nice graph that clearly explained the results of the experiment. There was good information,but some movement of the camera made it difficult to see the illustrations.

  36. Couvillion Cristina says:

    I thought it was interesting that the researchers bred these mice specifically for this experiment. The narration was a good pace in the beginning but got a bit fast around 1:30. The results of the experiment were explained clearly.

  37. Stolz Alexandra says:

    The information you provided was informative and well presented. The visuals really helped in explaining your information and were well done. The only drawback was the shakiness of the camera at times. Other than that, the video was great and very informative.

  38. Taylor Sydney says:

    At some times you were speaking too fast, but you did an excellent job describing the experiment and its results. The drawings were very helpful in understanding the information.

  39. Megan says:

    Your video did a good job of explaining the study and all of the science behind it. The whiteboard drawings were helpful in understanding the content, but the shakiness of the camera was a little distracting. In addition, the narration and visuals were occasionally presented too quickly for me to properly absorb them. Overall, though, good job!

  40. Tordoya Henckell says:

    The drawings were really good, and you explained the concepts in a way that was easy to understand. Great job overall!

  41. Bresch Troy says:

    The drawings were good and helped in explaining the information. As times information was being presented to fast which made it hard to understand, but overall the video was very good and provided a lot of information.

  42. Anderson Eric says:

    The drawings matched the subject of narration in real time for the most part. This kept it interesting as new information was drawn as it was described. You included a lot of detail that was a little confusing given the speed at points, but the high points were understandable and clear.

  43. Courtney Queen says:

    The topic was interesting and covered really well! The only issue that was distracting was the shakiness of the camera.

  44. Lin Min says:

    Great job on presenting the information in a clear and very understandable way! It was very interesting despite the speaker talking too fast at times.

  45. Trout Robert says:

    The information was presented well and the visuals help explain all the concepts. The only I didn’t like was how dark the board was, it made the video seem a little gloomy.

  46. Beruk Samson says:

    Good job on explaining the content of the paper, I thought the visual aids were especially helpful. I like the idea of drawing visual aids on the board to support the ideas being discussed but there were times the camera was a little too far from the board or the lighting made it kind of hard to read what was written. Otherwise very good job

  47. Joseph Shaver says:

    Introduction was good. Drawings are interesting and keep the viewer engaged. Narration was well done and easy to understand. Background music would be a good edition, but not necessary.

  48. Kulkarni Amrut says:

    The visuals helped to effectively convey the information.

  49. Likes Taisha says:

    Interesting video. The video did a good job explaining this topic in an engaging way.

  50. Stawara Lilla says:

    Good video! The drawings were a little bland compared to some of the other videos, but the concept was still original and well done. The camera was a little shaky, and the speaker didn’t really sound that interested in the topics, but the information presented was great. Overall, nicely done.

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