Group 27: The Evolution of Locomotion in Squirrels


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65 Responses to Group 27: The Evolution of Locomotion in Squirrels

  1. Mavris Sophia says:

    I really like these graphics!! They are really well drawn. Possibly it would be more interesting if the image or something in the frame was moving to add visual interest. All speakers were clear to understand as well. I really like this video!

  2. Carroll Sally says:

    The video was very well done! I loved the background music, but it could be distracting at points. Maybe had it been turned down a little in volume, it would have been better. Overall, the pictures were very well drawn and captivating. I learned a lot. Well done!

  3. Bernal Nicolas says:

    The video was great. Not only did it cover an interesting topic, it did so with amazing visuals and audio. The information was clear and easy to digest. Well done!

  4. Elisabet Ruiz-Torres says:

    The video had great illustrations that correlated to was being said in the video. All of the speakers spoke clearly and were easy to understand. However, the background music was fun to listen to, but distracting – it would have been better if it the volume was turned down.

  5. Groves Daniel says:

    The artwork was really interesting and drew the viewer in. The flow of ideas was good, bu the speakers didn’t have much intonation.

  6. Schulz Laura says:

    The squirrel animations were actually really cute. However, the video could be made more interesting by having more inflection in the speakers’ voices.

  7. Herath Dinushka says:

    Excellent drawings, but the video was very boring. The tone of the speakers could be adjusted.

  8. Dowling Margaret says:

    This video was very well done! The visuals were outstanding and the information presented demonstrates that this group has a really solid understanding of the investigation that they studied. The background music was a little loud at some points and the voices were hard to understand at others. Also, some of the closed captions were done incorrectly. Aside from these things, this was a very great video!

  9. Kyzer Amelia says:

    visuals were really well done, awesome hand drawings. voice overs were slightly unclear at some points and voices were very monotone but analysis of the project was well done.

  10. Meyer Alexander says:

    I like the addition of the background music to make the video more interesting, however, at some points it drowns out the speakers’ voices a little making it hard to understand; in addition, turning on CC does not help to understand the speakers because it contains many errors (not sure if this due to the project members or YouTube itself). Otherwise, the content presented in the video is easy to grasp, and the illustrations are well done (I would refrain from writing bullet points and directly reading from them around 2:38 next time however).

  11. Murray Hannah says:

    The artwork used in this video was amazing! I would never be able to draw something that looks that good by hand. The music was a nice addition and the speech was timed perfectly and easily audible. The only downside is that the video was over half a minute over the time limit, but I feel like all the information used was useful and necessary for the understanding of the viewers.

  12. Blake Daniels says:

    The art style is unique using a colored pencil medium which makes your video distinctive compared to the others. The background music was too loud, but the visuals gave me a reasonable idea on what was being said by the narrator.

  13. Robang Alicia says:

    The drawings were so nice! The colors gave it a different aesthetic from other videos which used a different medium. The background music was often distracting, though, and at times overpowering. I like how all of you took turns speaking as well. Concept-wise, the study was well-explained and easy to digest. Writing out the key terms helped me keep up with important information.

  14. Anum Ul-Haque says:

    The video was great! The visuals are really good and pretty and tie into the audio well. The music was a little too loud at some points, but other than that, great job!

  15. Whitt Sabrina says:

    I really liked the illustrations. They looked so creative and professional. The background music also was a good touch. However, I wish the video was more interactive and a bit more entertaining. Overall, good job on hitting all the key points and being informative.

  16. Ogan Soseimiebi says:

    This video was fantastic. Loved the music in the background, the enthusiasm of the speakers, the visuals, the colours and the content was easy to follow. All round really clear and pleasantly played out visuals. Well done!

  17. Filmer Andres says:

    The drawings were amazing. The information was easy to understand. Sometimes the music was too loud compared to the voices. Sometimes I found it a bit boring. other wise a very good video

  18. Zou Qing says:

    I love the adorable drawings. However, the voice the overall audio can be adjusted, to be more objective and clear. The video should be more informative than being adorable.

  19. Bentata Benezry says:

    Nice drawings.The video is great, and the concepts are well explained. However, the background music distracted me sometimes.

  20. Kaparos Efiyenia says:

    The drawings and visuals for this video were incredible! They depicted key elements of the experiment that helped the viewer understand the procedure. The experiment was well-explained, although it was hard to hear the speaker at times because the music was too loud.

  21. Carkuff Rachel says:

    The visuals on this video were incredible! The music was a little too loud, and it appeared as though some of the visuals were cut off, like in the “four events” image. I was reading the closed captions during the video, and it was confusing when a lot of the words didn’t match up. The information was described clearly and was interesting!

  22. Fox Abigail says:

    I like how throughout the video key concepts are explained, like locomotion in the beginning because it made the video easy to follow along with and comprehend. The graphics are beautiful as well! The only thing I might change is the background music because it was a little to busy at times and could take away from the video.

  23. Reeves Devon says:

    The visuals are beautiful! However, I had a hard time hearing the voices over the music. I learned a few things about squirrels that I didn’t know. I learned that they are every continent, and that is something I never thought about, but cool fact. Over all, the video is really good!

  24. Delgrego Megan says:

    The visuals are absolutely amazing and added so much to the video. The topics were explained clearly, and in general it was very informative and easy to understand. However, it bothered me that the captions were incorrect at times and the beautiful visuals were cut off on the sides.

  25. Madeline Lazar says:

    The explanation of the four different types of squirrels was helpful, because I doubt most people know the differences. The music was a little bit too loud at some points and overpowered the speakers, but the script was well planned and ordered. The visuals are amazing! Great video guys!

  26. Muenchen Alexandrea says:

    I like the explanations throughout the video because it increased my comprehension and ability to follow along. The drawings are beautiful!! This information was communicated effectively but the background music was too loud and made the narrator difficult to hear.

  27. Hebert Mason says:

    The visuals were incredible, and the ideas of the video flowed well. However, sometimes the video becomes a bit dull and boring to watch, but you all do clearly get your point across.

  28. Reeves Olivia says:

    The art was absolutely amazing and it was clear that you guys understood the topic that you were presenting. The only major problem I had was that it was hard to understand the video at sometimes and the subtitles were not edited so some of the words were wrong and I was sometimes lost as to what was going on. Good job!

  29. Jacqueline says:

    The art is amazing and the music is regal. I had trouble hearing you at times, but I think this video was very well thought-out.

  30. Kouba Amelie says:

    Good drawings – however you stayed on the same image without pointing out specific things such as Australia when you were speaking about it. I really struggled to hear what the speakers were saying because the music seemed to be at the same volume if not louder.

  31. Glover Blake says:

    Video was very informative and the graphics were very well done and helped explain a lot of what was being said. However I found the background music to be very loud and made it hard to understand the narrator at times. Overall it was very well done.

  32. Mathur Anmol says:

    The beautiful drawings stand out. I think the speakers presented the information well. At times, the background music overpowered the speakers. Overall, this was a great video.

  33. Lucas Council says:

    Really great video! Amazing drawings and explanations, though the music was distracting

  34. Tordoya Henckell says:

    The drawings were really cute, and you explained the concepts very well. It was just a little hard to hear your voices sometimes over the music, but still great overall!

  35. Arpinar Omer says:

    The drawings were incredibly well done but at times the music was a bit loud and the speakers could not be heard very well.

  36. Bresch Troy says:

    The video had great illustrations that helped explain the information being presented. Each of the speakers spoke clearly at a good pace. The music in the video was a nice touch that made it more interesting.

  37. Mihalko Robert says:

    The drawings were very detailed and visually appealing. However, at different points the music would be louder than the speakers who also were very monotone.

  38. Cho Ha says:

    The drawings were amazing! It really drew the audience in, and it was relevant to the materials that were being discussed in the video. Visuals were great, but audio sometimes too loud to understand the speaker. Overall, it was a great video!

  39. Anderson Eric says:

    I like the artwork and music (it makes me feel sophisticated)! I also liked how all the terms used were well defined. The general idea of the video was explained well and in understandable terms.

  40. Umair Alvi says:

    The music in the background, although quite loud, was very entertaining. The visuals were by FAR the best I have seen out of all these videos, and they really helped me in understanding the keys points of the video. The information was clearly explained and kept my engaged.

  41. Lin Min says:

    The visuals were really good, but the background music was too loud so some information couldn’t be heard. Overall, great job on getting the information across!

  42. Couvillion Cristina says:

    The background music really made it more interesting to watch. I liked how you linked it to the big picture & explained why this study was done. However, some of the video was cut off by the black bars on the sides, which is particularly distracting when you can only read parts of words. Also, I didn’t really understand the explanation of the experiment itself.

  43. Green Madison says:

    I thought this was a great video. The artwork was very impressive and eye catching so the video was easy to watch. The only problem I had was the background music because sometimes it caused me not to be able to understand the speaker.

  44. Mount Conner says:

    The visuals were great, and the explanation of the article was also well done! The only problem I had with this video was that the music was too loud compared to the voices.

  45. Likes Taisha says:

    This video was so fancy. I loved the music, though it was very loud at some points. The pictures were also beautifully done, and incredibly fancy.

  46. Marcos Schwaycer says:

    Wow, great job! I really like the art and the music. The content of the video itself was a bit dull, but the visuals made it a lot more enjoyable to watch. Thank you for sharing!

  47. Jones Dillon says:

    Drawings are excellent!You explained the topic well. My one criticism is that the music is distracting from the narration at times.

  48. Quintas Gabriel says:

    The drawings were very good, and maybe adding some animations would make the video more engaging. In terms of information, it was easy to follow and understand. Great video.

  49. Megan McLaurin says:

    Okay come on. Way to make the rest of us look bad! Haha. But seriously, the drawings are incredible and matched the information you were trying to get across. I wish you would have mentioned a more direct connection to the topics in class, but other than that the video is amazing.

  50. Mary Carolyn Hulgan says:

    I loved the illustrations and the background music, and the narration was well done and easy to understand. Awesome video!

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