Group 36: Fishing Away Nutrients in Caribbean Reefs

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71 Responses to Group 36: Fishing Away Nutrients in Caribbean Reefs

  1. Black Natalie says:

    Love the whiteboard concept. Good artists and drawings! They were distracting at times, but I was hooked. I would’ve liked to see the scientific figure larger, but it was a good simplification of the paper’s figure. I liked that the group made me think about what I would have done if I was a fisher. This makes me think about what choice I would have made, even though the group has warned me of the harm I could be doing on the fish, a surprising moral conundrum. I enjoyed the video and find myself wanting to continue this discussion and research. Good job.

  2. Berry Savannah says:

    Music in the background would have been a good touch. The video was very well made, the audio was clear, and the images went well with the lesson. Very good.

  3. Bernal Nicolas says:

    The video contained great visuals and was very well organized. The narration was up to par and was very informative. Very well done!

  4. Stubbs Isabella says:

    The intro was entering! Having a single narrator reduced audio distractions which was nice as well. The whiteboard animation was pretty clear and transitions were fairly seamless. The information presented about trophic levels was relevant to our current module so that was helpful as well. Great job overall!

  5. Barone Cassandra says:

    Very good job in engaging the viewer and making the topic seem relevant. The visuals were very good and I feel like I learned stuff from this video.

  6. Calhoun Ciandra says:

    I loved how the video utilized various modes of illustrations: stop motion, live drawing, still images, and real life images of Caribbean Reefs. The information presented was very informative and further stressed by the images in accompaniment. Overall, this was a well developed and detailed video on such a vital issue.

  7. Dowling Margaret says:

    Well done! I really enjoyed this video. It displayed the group’s solid understanding of the investigation and creativity. I appreciated how the group took the data from the investigation and created their own graphical representation of the data. Overall, this video was very easy to comprehend and hit all of the points on the rubric! Nice job!

  8. Kumar Gayathri says:

    Those drawings are so good, and this video overall clearly took a lot of effort. And this is an interesting and relevant topic; other than a shift in trophic levels, I hadn’t really thought about the loss of nutrients in the ecosystem…

  9. Vacko Katharine says:

    The speaker had a great volume and her voice was easy to understand. I think more inflection would’ve made the video more engaging though. I appreciated the use of more than just whiteboard drawings for the visuals – it made it interesting to watch. The information relayed was relevant and made easy to understand.

  10. Olaniran Peace says:

    I loved the whiteboard method used in this video. I also enjoyed the information given about the scientists studied the nutrients in the Caribbean reefs. I would enjoy this video better if some of the terms mentioned about the coral reefs was explained to make it easier to understand. It was a great video and it was put together well.

  11. Su Steven says:

    Like the whiteboard concept, but it was very distracting on the figure portion (probably because it was smaller so shifts had a bigger effect). Good narration and connection back to this class (gene diversity).

  12. Ghalayini Sarah says:

    This video was very well done! I really liked the visuals and, combined with the narration, it did a great job explaining what the study was about.

  13. Murray Hannah says:

    I loved the whiteboard graphics done on this video! The speed and volume of the speech was perfect (which is something I haven’t seen in a lot of videos). Overall very good job!

  14. Harris Sarah says:

    Loved all of the different visuals used. Your connections back to bio 1510 were great and clear. The information was presented in an understandable way. Great job!

  15. Anum Ul-Haque says:

    The video was really cool! I like the idea of giving the listener a scenario to bring them into the video and be more engaged. The visuals were really good!

  16. Phillips Haley says:

    I found this video very interesting and entertaining. I loved the visuals used to make points and I found it to be easy to follow. I was especially interested because I love this topic!

  17. Blake Daniels says:

    The introduction was humorous and drew my attention immediately. The narrator speaks at a nice pace. However, the graphs at 1:55, although nicely drawn, are difficult to read due to their small size.

  18. Patel Krishna says:

    The visuals were awesome, and the audio was very easy to understand. This video was great! It had all the relevant information necessary and defined all terms needed.

  19. Filmer Andres says:

    This video was very well done. The drawings are great, also the narrator was very well spoken and made the information easy to understand. The information was made easy to understand, although at some points to speed is a little to fast and I got lost. Overall it was a great video.

  20. Bentata Benezry says:

    Nice video, amazing quality, and really good drawings! The idea is incredible, and the video is really engaging. Great video!

  21. Satapathy Aparajita says:

    I really liked this video because it explained the topics clearly and was engaging at the same time. I also liked how you all used the whiteboard to display all of the visuals.

  22. Patel Amy says:

    This is such an important issue, great job covering it so well! The statistics on the policymakers made your video more credible. Very well paced, it kept me entertained throughout!

  23. Kaparos Efiyenia says:

    The animation to your video was very well done! You did a great job explaining how trophic levels and species richness are important factors contributing to this phenomenon.

  24. Delgrego Megan says:

    Great job with the cute visuals and clear explanations which made the video understandable and easy to follow. The only thing that could be improved upon is using a tripod for the pictures so it’s not choppy.

  25. White Samantha says:

    The visuals kept me engaged throughout the entire video. They were simple, but really well done and matched the concepts being discussed perfectly. Great job!

  26. Grande Guillermo says:

    I loved the art concept behind this video. I found the mix between stop motion animation and drawing to work very well, and resulted in a very entertaining video! The narration also had some comedic twists kept the video engaging. The information was clearly conveyed by the narrator. The only difficulty I found was the destabilization of frames, which was a bit distracting at times. Great video overall!

  27. Punyarthi Sayali says:

    Visuals seem limited to the amount they said during each visual but they properly explained the experiment. Gave proper amount of details to help understand the research.

  28. Wauldron Natalia says:

    I enjoyed this video a lot! The information was presented clearly and was made seem relevant. The narrator spoke with a clear voice, at a slow and perfect level volume, which made it easy to follow. The frames instability threw me off sometimes.

  29. Jacqueline says:

    This video was really informative and the drawings were really neat. I liked the pictures of the coral reefs and the fishing connection to trophic levels. It was hard to make out your figures, though, when you had one on top and another on the bottom.

  30. O'brien-Russell Charlotte says:

    The narrator spoke at a good speed, and the drawings helped to make the video more informative. The video used helpful, real-life examples to further explain the experiment. However, there could have been some background music.

  31. Reeves Olivia says:

    The entire video was extremely well put together. The speed of the audio was perfect and the visuals went along with the audio perfectly. Overall, very informative and interesting.

  32. Kouba Amelie says:

    The drawings are cute and helpful. The voice overs are clear and the pace is good. It sounded a little boring at times – adding background music could have added the little thing its missing.

  33. Lever Alice says:

    The graph with the results was a little hard to read, but other than that the visuals and overall video were well done. I also like how the video made you really think about the effects of fishing, something I rarely give thought to.

  34. Higgins Lisa says:

    I really enjoyed this video! The quality of graphics and audio was awesome and I learned a lot about the effects of overfishing. My only suggestion would be to make the graphs at around 1 minute slightly larger, they were a little hard to read.

  35. Dubey Shresttha says:

    The way that the background information was demonstrated in the beginning of the video was a bit wordy and detailed but it did a good job in laying the foundation for the rest of the video. Overall, the information was portrayed in a brief and effective way.

  36. Megan says:

    You guys clearly knew what you were talking about, but it may have been possible to present the information in a slightly clearer way. Still, the style of the video was engaging, with the whiteboard drawings – cute! Unfortunately, the camera wasn’t on a stable surface, so successive photos were often shifted. It’s a very minor complaint, but it would have helped to put the camera on a tripod so the frame of the shot stayed the same in between each of the changes made to the drawing. Otherwise, however, great job!

  37. Born Adam says:

    The visuals and pictures were very engaging and creatively implemented. The graphs were good, but could be a little larger, as they were somewhat difficult to read. Your video presented an aspect of over-fishing I had never considered before. Well done.

  38. Tordoya Henckell Tayana says:

    The drawings were very cute and interesting. The graphs could have been bigger, but I like how you presented your information in a clear and engaging way. Great job!

  39. Arpinar Omer says:

    The video had very good pacing which made it easy to follow. The visuals were interesting and easy to read. The experiment was explained in a very easy to understand manner.

  40. Noah Rittenberg says:

    The way the audio and visuals lined up in this video is better than most I have seen so far. This video made a relatively boring concept into something very interesting. Amazing job!

  41. Mihalko Robert says:

    Overall, I found this video very engaging. I especially liked the use of the whiteboard that is different from other videos I have seen. Taking still shots and formulating it into a video rather than speeding up a video was a nice touch.

  42. Taylor Micah says:

    The speaker presented the information really well, all the animations were well done, and the video as a whole was clear and easy to understand. Great job!

  43. Cho Soo says:

    I think this video is informative about the cycle of nutrients and they tried to convey information a lot. But, I wish they could have used more visual effects on the video.

  44. Guilherme Pinto says:

    The video was put together really well. The white board drawings are really neat and helped illustrated the main points of the video(Amazing drawings!). The audio quality was also really good. The only thing that could be improved in the video would be a background music, which in my opinion helps the viewers to keep focused on the video.

  45. Cho Ha says:

    I thought you guys did a great job in presenting all the materials! The quality of both video and audio was great, and it made it easy to understand. The drawings were entertaining to watch, and the narrator was clear and well-paced. I enjoyed watching the video!

  46. Anderson Eric says:

    The pictures and diagrams kept the ideas clear. They were also lined up well with the narration. It keeps the main idea clear throughout that the Caribbean reef is losing nutrients at a concerning rate.

  47. McKean Thomas says:

    The ideas presented were clear and concise, leading to a very effective presentation. Good job!

  48. Lin Min says:

    I liked the introduction and the animations that you guys made; information was understandable and visuals were clear. Fantastic job!

  49. Kulkarni Amrut says:

    The information is worrying, but the video was well done!

  50. Beruk Samson says:

    The narration in this video was very clear and the content being discussed was clearly understood. The explanation of the content was clear and easy to follow, however it felt like the visual aspect of this video was somewhat dry at times because a relatively unrelated image would be left on for a long time, but all in all the video does a good job of explaining the content.

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