Group 37: Barrett’s Esophagus and Predetermined Cancer Risk

To add closed captions for the video, make sure to click to CC button on the bottom right hand corner of the video.

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61 Responses to Group 37: Barrett’s Esophagus and Predetermined Cancer Risk

  1. Black Natalie says:

    This video hit the ground running. The narrators went quickly through the genetics/chromosome portions, so fast that I felt overwhelmed and ambushed by all of the information. However, this information convinced me that the authors knew what they were talking about and what the paper proved/suggested. The cartoons were helpful instead of distracting, which I feel is hard to do. The closed captions were all one sentence, with no punctuation to be found. I appreciated the clear connection to our courses topics. Lots of info in a short amount of time.

  2. Koo Jun says:

    The cartoons were helpful; they weren’t distracting and actually helped digest the information presented, however, I feel like you guys presented the information way too fast; so much so that I didn’t really understand what was going on until I backed the video up multiple times to catch what was said in a millisecond.

  3. Mavris Sophia says:

    I like how this video used cartoons. Because I this, I found myself more interested in the material and essence of the video. The speakers talked a little too fast, and thus was a little hard to understand what was said. Other than that, great job!

  4. Bernal Nicolas says:

    The use of animations in the video was creative and helped with creating interest. While the narrator seemed to be on some kind of stimulant drug, the information presented was easy to understand.

  5. Kumar Gayathri says:

    I guess that’s a lot of information to present in a short time, but that was way too fast to comprehend all at once. However, your visuals did a great job in balancing out the speed; what I missed when the narrator spoke, I understood in what was pictured and pointed out.

  6. Stubbs Isabella says:

    The PowToon animation turned out really nice! The amount of information, while impressive as it fit under five minutes, felt a bit overwhelming at times. It would almost have been nicer for the narration to run slower with less information. I like the relation to the Shannon Diversity Test, it ties in an equation from our current module to a real-life analysis.

  7. Barone Cassandra says:

    The narration was a little too fast to understand at times but the it was still broken down in an understandable way. Overall the animations were very helpful, and the video is very informative.

  8. Groves Daniel says:

    The narrator was a bit fast in delivering the information. The animations were creative and helped the reader catch gaps in the narration when it went to fast. I like your relation at the end on the evolution of cancer cells.

  9. lwilson64 says:

    Animations were very helpful in breaking down the info. Had to pause every once in a while to catch up, but otherwise the video was well put together.

  10. Herath Dinushka says:

    The animations were really creative. No change in diversity was shown as an arrow to the right. That was a bit confusing.

  11. Meyer Alexander says:

    The use of Pow Toon to create an interesting series of animations to the illustrate the group’s article was a creative idea. However, I had to quickly utilize the Closed Captioning option in order to keep up with what the speakers were saying, and even then I was easily lost at several points in the video. Yet, the ending very nicely summarized the ideas and findings presented in the article. I would recommend quality over quantity when explaining information from the article; the speakers talked so quickly over such massive amounts of information that it seems as if they were reading the article itself rather than taking the time to understand it and present it succinctly and clearly.

  12. Couvillion Cristina says:

    The narration was too fast to process, but the study was explained clearly. I understood everything after watching it a couple times. Also, I liked the tie-ins to the class content.

  13. Harris Sarah says:

    The graphics were really good and helpful. That being said, the narration was very fast, which made it hard to soak in. But, knowing there was a time restriction I understand why talking fast was a necessity in order to fit in all of the information. You showed that you understood the article, which is difficult since the overall language of these articles are over our heads. The audio is very clear and high quality.

  14. Robang Alicia says:

    The animations were really good and the information given was also easy to understand. I like how you mentioned that the study was relevant to the evolution of cancer cells. It’s a field of study that is definitely interesting and continuously expanding. I felt that the pace was way too fast, though. The change in quality of audio at the beginning was also something that could’ve been improved.

  15. Chawla Rishab says:

    The animations really made this video captivating and kept me wondering more. The creative animations coupled with synchronized narration helped make abstract concepts feel more natural for the viewer. Also, those noting that the narration was too fast seem to be forgetting that the time limit for the video was ~5 minutes; it is difficult to hit several relevant key points in such a short amount of time, which this group has done successfully. All in all, this was one of the best group projects I have seen!

  16. Milburn Emily says:

    I love that this video used cartoons and animations instead of words! It made the video so much more entertaining to watch and captivated me. However, the narration was way too fast. I understand it was difficult to provide all of the information under 5 minutes, but I think the video could have been edited down in order to slow the narration down. Because the narration was so fast, I missed a lot of the key points and had to rely on the captions for the majority of the video. Overall, pretty good job!

  17. Broderick Kirby says:

    This video was fast, informative, and interesting to watch. It might have included unnecessary information, though, and the figures felt shoehorned in.

  18. Zou Qing says:

    I like how clear and fast the audio is, and the whole video is also informative. However, it is a little bit too fast to catch up.

  19. Satapathy Aparajita says:

    The narration was a bit too fast, but is very clear. The video did do a great job explaining the topics and content in the experiment.

  20. Patel Amy says:

    The video is very informative, and the visuals help to tie the ideas together. If the narrators had spoken slowly, or at a moderate pace, I feel as though the information might have been easier to understand.

  21. Voravong Katlyn says:

    While this video was very informative, the narration is too fast. I had to replay the first few seconds because I was not ready for the pace and I did not quite understand what was happening. I liked the animations as it did go along well with what the narration was saying, but I would have taken a bit of detail out to maybe shorten the script and allow the narration to go slower.

  22. Fox Abigail says:

    I like how you clearly stated how the study relates to class material at the end. I also like how informative the video is, but I feel like a lot of the information could have been more generalized in order to cut out certain parts and reduce the pace of talking. Overall, I think it is a good video and I love the use of the PowToon, as it made the video very interactive and engaging.

  23. McCullough Hannah says:

    Overall, this video is really good! I like the use of cartoons and the way the information was broken down. However, I felt that the speakers were talking too quickly, which made it hard for me to understand everything that was being said at times. Other than that, the video is informative and interesting!

  24. White Samantha says:

    The information and concepts presented in the video were concise and easy to understand; however, the audio was really fast which made it hard to fully grasp everything that was being said. Other than that I thought that the animations were a great touch. Good job!

  25. Grande Guillermo says:

    The cartoons used in this video were very good and helped convey the information cited in a unique, creative way. Additionally, the timing of the narration and the cartoons were spot on! It was a little difficult for me to follow along with the information being presented at time, as the video ran through the experiment very quickly. This was especially true when the video discussed the complicated statistical methods used to analyze the results of the experiment. Good job overall!

  26. Mathur Anmol says:

    The use of cartoons in the video kept me engaged. I found the video interesting. One of few negatives about this video would be that the pace of narration was a bit too high.

  27. Carroll Resa says:

    I thought that this video was extremely informative. The narration was a tad bit rushed, but that’s a lot of information to squeeze into five minutes. The pictures and animations complemented the narration nicely, and it was easy to follow along with. Overall, I feel like this group clearly communicated what the authors of the original article intended to convey, as well as added insightful comments of their own.

  28. Li Danny says:

    Overall the video was well done. Even though there was a lot of information, the video was able to efficiently present them in a clear fashion. The only flaw in the video is the pace of the narration. The fast pace made it a little hard to comprehend all the information being shared. However, the animations were very well done and kept me up to speed with the narration at most parts of the video.

  29. Ferguson David says:

    The video overall was good in explains Barrett’s esophagus in relation to the risk of cancer. The images were very descriptive and the high degree of precision. However the fast narration was somewhat confusing at the end since the video was not easy to follow because of this.

  30. Kouba Amelie says:

    The animations are definitely the positive in this video. However, the speed of the video was way too fast, I struggled to process any of the information. Also, watch the volume adjustment and background noises in the voice recording. Still very impressed with animations though.

  31. Glover Blake says:

    The cartoons were very engaging and really kept me interested in what the video had to say. Also the study was really broken down in a way for me to understanding. However the narrators were talking very fast at some points I needed to pause a relisten to what the narrator had to say in order to understand it because they were talking so fast. Overall very well done in breaking down the study.

  32. Courtney Queen says:

    Nice job in breaking down everything, but the content was presented much too quickly, which makes it difficult to process and understand. The animations were great and certainly aided in my understanding of the content!

  33. Bondarev Dmitry says:

    The visuals are appealing, audio quality is great, but the whole impression is ruined by the speakers’ pace. They seem to participate in a speed reading contest instead of trying to explain the content. It is hardly possible to understand anything.

  34. Born Adam says:

    The video condensed a large amount of information into the allotted time which was both a good and a bad thing. This led to the narration being very rushed and somewhat difficult to understand. However, it allowed the video to present all of the necessary information within the time limit. The animations were well done and added to the delivery of the content. The recreations of the figures from the paper were very informative and easy to interpret. My only complaint besides the speed was that there were some important vocabulary words that weren’t explained well enough. Overall, the video was well done.

  35. Vear Isabella says:

    This video was awesome, your animations were fantastic and I noticed how much information y’all had to put into just a couple minutes. The animations helped me visualize the data and overall understand what you were talking about. I loved it but I will say the narrator went a bit too fast and I often found myself having to rewind to help (you don’t have to talk slow but just a little slower because it felt like you weren’t even breathing). But other than that fantastic!!!

  36. Taylor Thomas says:

    The audio is kind of fast, and feels a bit rushed. However, the video is very informative and the animations do a good job of conveying the information.

  37. Lucas Council says:

    The video is great and extremely informative. The animations are entertaining and professional. The audio is a bit rushed, however, and the scatterplots are insignificant not because of “small slopes,” but rather because of small R^2 values.

  38. Bresch Troy says:

    The video was very informative; however, the information was presented way to fast. It was very hard to comprehend what was being said at first. The animations were very good and made it easier to understand some of the information. Also there were some choppy transitions in the video that could have gone smoother.

  39. Taylor Micah says:

    The information in the video was presented very quickly, but it was very clear that the presenters knew what they were talking about, so if the audio could have been slowed down a bit I think the video would be very clear and easy to understand! The use of the animations really helped to convey the message of the video as well

  40. Cho Ha says:

    There were a lot of information in the video, and it was hard catching up to the information in the given time. I sometimes had to pause the video to understand everything. The cartoon/visual was awesome and well-organized. The video was engaging and overall great!

  41. Kulkarni Amrut says:

    Very nicely done video; this actually made me want to look more into the topic.

  42. Kayastha Ayush says:

    I loved the use of the cartoon animations to relay the information for this topic. It actually helped back the information because the cartoons attracted my attention, and as the information was being spoken, the animations would create a visual for said information. However, there was a lot of information to digest.

  43. Muthuchamy Tarun says:

    I really like the use of PowToons cartoons because they weren’t distracting but still provided some entertainment. This is a very complex topic and you guys did a great job of breaking it down so the audience could understand. However, at times I did feel like y’all were rushing through certain sections.

  44. Zachary Karpenko says:

    The visuals for this were awesome and kept me entertained the entire time, however the video felt extremely rushed and could have been slowed down a bit while still giving most of the information to the viewers.

  45. Forsmo James says:

    This video does an excellent job of covering the experimental design and the results of the experiment in an engaging and efficient manner. The video is fast-paced but I’m able to easily understand all of the content without needing to pause or rewind. The visuals are also very creative and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the video. Good job.

  46. Nagesha Anirudh says:

    I was initially skeptical of the use of a cartoon, but it actually worked out very well. This group did a great job of first explaining how the experiment was set up to the effect that I could conduct the experiment as well. Then they explained the results of the experiment in a fun and engaging way, which kept me entertained. Overall good job to this group.

  47. Megan McLaurin says:

    This video was great! I loved the flow and the cartoon style was very entertaining. The animations were complementary to the information you were telling and not distracting. Nice job!

  48. Mary Carolyn Hulgan says:

    I loved the use of animation – it was engaging and fun to watch, and it improved the clarity of the video rather than being distracting. The narration was a little too fast at times, which made it harder to follow, but otherwise it was really well done. Great job!

  49. Irondi Ogechi says:

    The animation is amazing. Great job in catching your audience’s attention. The information at the beginning was a bit rushed, thus it took me a little time to fully understand what the author’s were trying to convey. Overall, the video was informative and the group really understands the material! Great work.

  50. Sommer Elias says:

    The narration is really, really fast, especially in the second-to-last section. The information was good, but it was presented too quickly; I needed to pause mid-video to digest.

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