Group 1 – Synthetic Organisms: The Introduction of Unnatural Nucleotides (UBPs) into Simple Organisms

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19 Responses to Group 1 – Synthetic Organisms: The Introduction of Unnatural Nucleotides (UBPs) into Simple Organisms

  1. Isabelle Musmanno says:

    So fun to watch and still conveyed all of the biological implications! Great work.

  2. Ruthrajeevi Venkat Govindaraj says:

    A lot of information communicated in a fun way that kept my interest! There were a few parts where people were talking a bit fast, but otherwise great!

  3. Charles Herrmann says:

    Entertaining to watch and at the same time I think I understood the main idea. I especially liked the train analogy.

  4. Alyssa Bronson says:

    I really like the part about the DNA Railroad! Very funny and you presented the material in an engaging way.

  5. Ji Eun Lim says:

    Very original and informative! It seems like you guys had to speed up everything to get it into 3 minutes but it turned out great!

  6. Joshua Baker says:

    Really well done. The production value was outstanding and the video was hilarious. The analogies made were very intuitive and overall easy to comprehend.

  7. Ivey Fidelibus says:

    I love the pop culture references, especially the Trump impression. The video was both entertaining and informative. I appreciate how you all switched the setting and format often; it kept my attention really well!

  8. Atikud Rouf says:

    Very enjoyable and informative! The editing and the overall presentation makes the video very engaging.

  9. Piper Brownlee says:

    I loved the pop culture tie ins and the railroad analogy. Great job!

  10. Ryan Knipe says:

    Good information and good use of comic relief to keep me interested

  11. Mythri Ravoori says:

    Wow, this was great! I loved the railroad analogy and the Trump impression in the beginning. You guys effectively presented a lot of info in a short amount of time and it was very creative! Overall, it kept me engaged.

  12. Jordan Kreimeyer says:

    The speech was a little fast at parts, but with captions is not an issue. Explanations of concepts (railroad analogy) and the importance of this research were explained in a fun, interesting, and knowledgeable way. Love it:)

  13. Jordan Kreimeyer says:

    & I laughed at the sponsor/commercial part pretty hard

  14. Blake Pentland says:

    Ayo I don’t know who did that Trump impression but they are the GOAT! This video had a grate amount of creativity, making it fun to watch and learn, great job!

  15. Swati Sharma says:

    Interesting and well made video! It was engaging to watch and everything was explained well.

  16. Harrison Skelton says:

    The commercials and other fun stuff kept me engaged. The railroad analogy was very clear and easy to understand. The Trump intro at the beginning got me really excited for the rest of the video. Some parts were confusing but overall i found it very informative!

  17. Nicholas Johnson says:

    I almost died laughing at the beginning. Great video. Totally understood the concept.

  18. Joseph Davis says:

    You were able to clearly explain a difficult topic while making the video entertaining to watch. Well done!

  19. Naqiya says:

    Great video! All of the references to pop culture now were fun to watch because it kept things interesting yet relayed the information necessary. I wish it did not have to be as sped up in some places, but other than that good job!

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