Group 8: Role of Infectious Prions in Neurodegenerative Diseases


Additional References

Title Slide: Collinge, John. Mammalian prions and their wider relevance in neurodegenerative diseases. Nature 539: 217-226. 10.1038/nature20415.

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12 Responses to Group 8: Role of Infectious Prions in Neurodegenerative Diseases

  1. Tyrus Wheeler says:

    Creative video, animations were interesting. Video was informative.

  2. Branndon Booth says:

    the video was good and got the point across, the narration could use a little work

  3. Kathryn Stauduhar says:

    The visuals were really great, and helpful when explaining the topic. The audio was a little off sometimes, but other than that it was really informative and cohesive.

  4. Casey Erb says:

    Bits of the narration were a little jargon-heavy, but the visuals helped to illustrate your point. Overall nice job!

  5. Ivey Fidelibus says:

    Extremely informative and the animations are well done. As others have said, the narration was a bit hard to follow because it was technical and somewhat monotone, but overall it’s still a great video.

  6. Jordan Kreimeyer says:

    I liked the illustrations! The audio was a little hard to keep up with because of jargon and differing volumes, but I enjoyed watching your video overall!!

  7. Blake Pentland says:

    The video was relatively easy to understand, bit heavy in vocabulary at times, but that’s only natural for subjects of this complexity!

  8. Swati Sharma says:

    Illustrations were adorable and helped to understand the topic! Great job!

  9. Harrison Skelton says:

    Illustrations really helped guide me along the material. the flow of the video was great and did not feel rushed or slowed. The speed was just enough where i had to hear and understand what was being said.

  10. Mythri Ravoori says:

    I had a hard time following along with the audio and all the information presented, but the illustrations and graphics were very cool to watch! Overall, good job!!

  11. Joseph Davis says:

    The illustrations helped immensely throughout the video, but some of the information presented was difficult to follow by itself.

  12. mmullins9 says:

    That’s fascinating that these prions lack nucleic acid’s making them indistinguishable via amino acid sequences. I’d be interested to know more about this

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