Group 38: Diversity of Model Prebiotic Peptides

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91 Responses to Group 38: Diversity of Model Prebiotic Peptides

  1. Yanghang says:

    Good Video! Good explanations on materials and link the difficult materials to the knowledge w have learned.

  2. Marianna says:

    Very good video. The content was really good, but maybe the graphics could have been better? Overall everything was well explained, clean, and easy to understand

  3. Alianna says:

    You did a good job presenting the figures in the experiment. Your audio was clear and easy to understand. I liked how you linked the experiment to what we have learned in class

  4. Robert says:

    Really great job! The audio and video both aided each other in presenting the information.

  5. Katherine says:

    The visuals really help explain the paper and the audio is very explanatory too. The visuals are not only helpful in conveying the information but they look very nice too.

  6. Kendall says:

    Good job mentioning biology 1510 topics throughout the video as they became present rather than just saying them all at the beginning and not explaining them when the time came. The graphs and images do a good job pointing out the specifics that you want the audience to pay attention to and remember.

  7. Isabelle says:

    This was a great explanation of complicated topic and did a excellent job trying in the concepts to material learned in class.

  8. Mary Claire says:

    I really like the images you drew, however I just wish there were a few more! I like the detail put into some of the drawings as well.

  9. Sho says:

    The information was well presented and the images were well drawn as well. Good job guys!

  10. Alekhya says:

    I think that the metaphors you used were very interesting, especially the metaphor involving the soup at the beginning.

  11. Taylor says:

    I really enjoyed the visuals and wished there were more used! Overall, great job making the information clear and relatable. Good job!!

  12. Jarred says:

    I thought the visuals were very informative, nice use of color coding

  13. Noah says:

    I feel that the video lacked an good introduction and that it jumped straight into the information. However, audio and visuals were very good.

  14. Griffin says:

    Good video with really good explanations for everything, especially the background info. However it would be nice to have more than just images as visuals while you talk.

  15. David says:

    I thought the video was quite informational. Good job!

  16. Seenam says:

    Really informative and helpful and clear and the visuals were great. It could have been more engaging though.

  17. Xiaoying says:

    The style of the video changes a lot through parts and it might be better to have it more simmilar. The drawing is helpful and the correlation with class materials is clear. Generally a great video

  18. Jalen says:

    I felt that the moving of the images during the video was boresome, and would have wished to see more action throughout the video. In terms of getting information across, diagrams and narration were excellent. Nice work overall.

  19. Zhubo says:

    Instead of simply zooming in and out, recording the process of writing and explaining at the same time would be more engaging!

  20. William says:

    This video did a great job explaining the experiment, but the video could have been a bit more engaging

  21. Theresa says:

    This video did a really great job at explaining your topic, but the visuals could have been more engaging, overall really good job!!

  22. Brooklyn says:

    The audio was wonderfully clear, with each narrator explaining the information simply and concisely. I loved the visuals, and because of that, I would have liked to have seen a few more to visualize the process and not just the data. Overall the video was very clear and informative.

  23. Christian says:

    This video was better than most at making the information easy to follow and flow together.

  24. Pooja says:

    The drawings and voiceover information were very easy to follow and made it interesting.

  25. Cassidy says:

    Good job breaking down the information for better understanding

  26. Kara says:

    The visuals were very slow which required the viewer to have listen very carefully to the audio which was confusing in such a complex study.

  27. Zachery says:

    The format of the video made the information easy to follow

  28. Darrell says:

    This video was really informative and engaging. I thought that you explained it in a way that was easy to understand.

  29. Collin says:

    I feel very comfortable with the information after watching the video, the information was delivered in a way that did not bored the audience. I liked the images that were included

  30. Cayla Marie says:

    The information was well presented, but I felt there could’ve been more visuals used.

  31. Lauren says:

    The video was very good! You did a nice job making the information clear and understandable. The drawings on the whiteboard were nice as well.

  32. Inhee says:

    The video was easy to understand and the information was well presented with visuals.

  33. Vamsish says:

    I thought the visuals were very engaging, but sometimes the panning across the images was kind of distracting. Overall, I thought the video quality was great as well the information presented.

  34. Christin says:

    The visuals were very nice. I especially liked the 3-D graphs~

  35. Carlos says:

    I liked the clarity of the graphics and narration, however, I wish there was another element that made the video more captivating.

  36. Luis says:

    Liked the visuals, the zooming in and out was a nice touch

  37. Carson says:

    Super informative and easy to understand

  38. Christopher says:

    Great visuals and explanation of the background information and the study

  39. Riley says:

    The hand drawn visuals were entertaining and unique.

  40. Anna says:

    Information was broken down very neatly and the visuals allowed for better understanding of the topic

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