Group 21: Gut Bacteria & Growth Impairment


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34 Responses to Group 21: Gut Bacteria & Growth Impairment

  1. Crystal says:

    The intro and conclusion did a great job of setting up the video and wrapping it all up, and the visuals helped to make the video easy to follow.

  2. Ye says:

    The visuals helped a lot to understand the contents but if specific data(mean value, p value…) was included would be even better.

  3. Rahul says:

    The content of the video was spot on. You explained the experiment conducted very well and made good connections to the module. But the sound quality of the video was slightly muffled. Overall, I enjoyed the video nevertheless.

  4. Ayesha says:

    I like how you clearly labeled the methods, results, conclusion, etc. It helped to understand the experiment and its purpose.

  5. Sonya says:

    I liked this video because of the easy-to-follow animations. There wasn’t too much going on the screen at once, but just enough to keep the audience engaged. The audio quality could have been clearer though. I also liked the connections back to the class.

  6. Harsh says:

    The visuals for this video are terrific! I liked how you labeled everything clearly as it was very easy to follow.

  7. Harsh says:

    The visuals for this video are terrific! It connected extremely well to the material presented, and it was easy to follow too.

  8. Ariel says:

    Visuals and headings made the video easy to follow, despite audio quality that could have been better. Content and information clearly presented. All in all, very nice video.

  9. Zongru says:

    The video is great and very informal. I like how the video explains the experiment in the way that a lab report would have been written, it makes everything easier for people who don’t know a lot about gut bacteria.

  10. Taylor says:

    I think the information was given in a mostly easy to understand way. The only thing I think could be slightly more clarified is what exactly makes the rat healthy or unhealthy.

  11. Kim Anh says:

    Very nice animations and visually stimulating. It’s a great presentation, but I almost think it could’ve used some music…it gets a little monotonous.

  12. Suma says:

    You did a great job explaining the methods of the experiment. Having a good understanding of what happened helped in my understanding of the results and analysis. The visuals really helped!

  13. Suma says:

    You did a great job explaining the methods of the experiment. I felt like I really understood the significance of the experiment!

  14. Emma says:

    The visuals really helped! You did an excellent job explaining the overall importance/significance of the experiment.

  15. Malek says:

    Visuals did a great job at supporting information. Really good effort at explaining significance of findings of the experiment.

  16. Kayla says:

    I really liked how the video was clearly labeled and separated into individual parts with speaker transitions at parts. The visuals also were well paired with the audio.

  17. Prachi says:

    Really great video! I thought it was very easy to follow through since it was organized into different parts. I would have liked more graphs though to better explain the data.

  18. Devan says:

    I did my video on this article too, so I like how you utilized the online program for video elements and transitions. They did an excellent job explaining the information.

  19. Alexis says:

    The animations and visuals make it really easy to follow along! really good job on this.

  20. Maya says:

    The animation was very well thought out and fit the narration well. Information was well delivered.

  21. Sarah says:

    The visuals and different graphics make this video really entertaining and easy to understand.

  22. Zachary says:

    Video was very well made and enabled the information to be easily understood.

  23. Maxwell says:

    The information was clearly presented through visuals and explanations. However, the sound quality was a little inconsistent, but very well done overall.

  24. Maxwell says:

    The information was clearly presented through visuals and explanations. However, the sound quality was a little inconsistent, but very well done overall. Our video was on the same topic, and I consider myself even more informed after viewing this video.

  25. Delfina says:

    The highlight of the video was definitely the visuals, as they really helped tie the content together and promoted understanding. One thing that could be improved would be adding more information on the specific data collected by the researches, but apart from that you guys did a great job!

  26. Hyunwoo says:

    I liked how simple and neat the images were instead of a clutter. Nice information as well!

  27. Monica says:

    I loved the fact that powtoon was used. It made everything look very put together. Very easy to understand.

  28. Zain says:

    Solid presentation and solid explanation. Well done.

  29. Christapher says:

    Good video and great visual representations.

  30. Michael says:

    The informational quality was good, but the video had poor audio quality overall. Using a microphone from the library would have lead to a better sounding video.

  31. Cori says:

    Good coordination of animations and narration. Conclusion brought clarity for the video.

  32. Alexandra says:

    I liked the methods section, but feel like the aims and background of the experiment could have been introduced earlier. The conclusions were really well explained as well.

  33. Madison says:

    Nice work! Love how you emphasized the use of visuals and not words, made the content extremely clear, interesting, and easy to follow.

  34. Natalie says:

    This was a really great explanation of the experiment! And the visuals went along great

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