Group M6: Translocation of A Gut Pathobiont Drives Autoimmunity in Mice and Humans


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28 Responses to Group M6: Translocation of A Gut Pathobiont Drives Autoimmunity in Mice and Humans

  1. Liya says:

    concepts are well expressed and easy to follow. data is also explained in detail

  2. Ye says:

    The drawing in this video is very creative and entertaining and the concepts are well explained. But the ending is a little bit short.

  3. Rahul says:

    Really liked this video! The animation style using a time-lapse type edit was nice. The content was also on point, and you made good connection to the modules.

  4. Alysha says:

    I really enjoyed the video! The concepts were explained in detail and the visuals were easy to follow. The background music was also a nice touch. The material was easy to understand. Good job!

  5. Ayesha says:

    Great video! The visuals were very creative and really helped to outline the main ideas of this experiment. Explanation was also clear and easy to follow.

  6. Harsh says:

    Even though the visuals were very simple, they were easy to follow and material could be well understood. The introduction was pretty creative.

  7. Dezarae says:

    The video flowed very nicely, but all animations or charts needed to be hand made.

  8. Jazmin says:

    Great job with breaking down the concepts covered in the article. However, the conclusion was a bit short.

  9. Ashton says:

    Entertaining visuals. Informative and easy to follow. Good video!

  10. Kayla says:

    The visuals were entertaining and well done, however the music was a bit distracting. The video was very informative and covered the purpose well!

  11. Alexandra says:

    I really liked the way that it tied back to 1510 genetics, and thought that the experimental methods and results were really well explained.

  12. Prachi says:

    It was very easy to follow, but the music was slightly distracting. Also, it was a little bit too slow so it would have flowed more nicely if it was a little faster.

  13. Zefanya says:

    I like how the video is made with actual hand-drawn images which makes the visuals really entertaining.

  14. Claire says:

    The music sometimes overpowers the voiceover, but video is very informative and entertaining. Nice job!

  15. Zara says:

    I really liked the animations in this video. They were interesting and well done with the erasing and focusing on different parts of the board. Overall the video was very well put together and informative.

  16. Carole says:

    Really enjoyed! I would add some music to the beginning but I thought that it was really engaging and easy to follow.

  17. Alexis says:

    The video was very creative and entertaining

  18. Anh Thu says:

    The figure taken directly from the research paper was difficult to understand; it could have been simplified. Overall, good explanation and visuals.

  19. Jacquelyn says:

    I feel like the music was a bit distracting at some points but your information was clear and easy to follow.

  20. Eric says:

    The drawings were very good and the narration was consistent throughout. The video does a fantastic job of summarizing the experiment as well as relating it back to what we’ve studied in class.

  21. Sarah says:

    The visuals were well drawn and made the video engaging to watch. I also enjoyed how the information presented in the video was linked back to what we learned in class. Great job!

  22. William says:

    Information was solid and the drawings were easy to follow and helpful in understanding. The music was a little strange but other than that the video was great.

  23. Rebecca says:

    Loved the visuals. The music was a little distracting. The audio was good and everything was well explained, though I thought the graph was a little obtuse.

  24. Shelby says:

    You all did a fantastic job with explaining the information and relating it to what we studied in 1510. However, some of the narration was difficult to understand and the background music was a little too loud at some points. Also, some of the visuals were kind of hard to read/interpret.

  25. Samuel says:

    Nicely done. You really spoon fed the 1510 concepts back to us, which felt a little excessive, but definitely got the job done. You did really good going far into detail about the experiment, but lacked a little bit in the explanation of the implications of this research.

  26. Carol says:

    The drawing were really cute and the narration was informative and concise.

  27. Adam says:

    Good video overall, but the music was a bit much. I also think when explaining the various bacteria tested, writing the species out side by side, perhaps with a drawn graph, would help to better visualize the studies done and results.

  28. Luke says:

    The original drawings were very easy to understand, and explanation was clear and cogent. Background music was a bit distracting, but otherwise, great video!

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