group M1 – Single Origin of the Sickle Allele During Holocene Wet Phase

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28 Responses to group M1 – Single Origin of the Sickle Allele During Holocene Wet Phase

  1. Liya says:

    It is easy to follow and understand. Nice illustrations but it was a little hard to follow in the beginning. Also had great explanation of data.

  2. Ye says:

    Great explanation of the overall research but the introduction was a little short. I think the connection between the research and our class or daily life could be included in the introduction.

  3. Rahul says:

    The video was very informative, but the video editing and sound could be slightly improved. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the video and learned a good bit as well.

  4. Brialisse says:

    The stop start animation works well for this assignment, but looks like too much writing (more pictures?). The data and evidence section is explained and illustrated in an effective way. Good video!

  5. Harrison says:

    Drawings were great! sometimes the audio was hard to follow. besides that everything seemed good and informative.

  6. Tseyon says:

    The content of the video is clear and is informative. The drawings were great as well. Overall, good job!

  7. Jesse says:

    Good visuals and displays to assist the narration. Made everything very easy to grasp and follow as the video went along.

  8. Connor says:

    Great Job. Well Done!

  9. Claire says:

    I think the camera zoom in the beginning was distracting, but the content is great. Nice job!

  10. Sarah says:

    Great explanation of the phenotype of the sickle cell allele and the balancing selection that happens for this allele!

    How fascinating that whole genome sequencing was used to try to identify the origin of the sickle cell allele!

  11. Zara says:

    The first transition seems to cut off a little of the audio. Other than that I thought the video was well put together and interesting.

  12. Carole says:

    Great job! it was very clear and kept me interested throughout the video. There were a few audio issues, but overall really great!

  13. Maya says:

    Style is very professional. The background information at the beginning is helpful for comprehension and the visuals are excellent.

  14. Eric says:

    The camera work was unique to the other videos that utilize the whiteboard format. I believe the audio could be fine tuned and improved, but overall a good video that explained the experiment clearly.

  15. Michael says:

    Video and presentation were good, but at some points the filming made it hard to follow the overall presentation.

  16. Zachary says:

    Great video with good information and illustrative visuals.

  17. Cameron says:

    At some points, the audio seemed a little rushed; however, the information was clearly conveyed and the visuals went along to support this information.

  18. Brice says:

    Variable framerates were a little wacky, but the actual content was good. Frozen slides were relevant and well done.

  19. Harsh says:

    I liked the use of statistics as it helped me better understand the video. The volume, in the beginning, could have been a little higher, but good job overall!

  20. William says:

    Great content but as most people have said the audio could be improved. Also some of the visuals were hard to read.

  21. Silverio says:

    The information was very good, although the visuals were a little distracting, as it would swap from vertical camera shots to shots that filled the screen.

  22. Monica says:

    The introduction was a little hard to follow but other than that I feel like I really understand this subject better. This could have been boring because we have all heard of sickle cells a million times but it was especially engaging!

  23. Hao says:

    This is a good video project overall, but I wish the group paid more attention on improving the filming technique, since it is hard to follow, especially “the map”.

  24. Soohyon says:

    The explanation is great but the visuals are choppy.

  25. Sahil says:

    Content is good and stays on topic. Good video! Visual animations could be done better.

  26. Jayna says:

    You incorporated the material from the class very clearly and well. I really like how evident the connections were and you elaborated on everything sufficiently.

  27. Madison says:

    Overall, great educational video. Whenever a crucial point was made, a well-developed follow-up was presented. However, there were moments in which the speaker would talk very fast, making it difficult to understand what was being said at times.

  28. Savonte says:

    Love the graphics, especially the dots showing the origins of the allele

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