Team 9 – Is it accurate to think of coelacanths as “living fossils?”

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57 Responses to Team 9 – Is it accurate to think of coelacanths as “living fossils?”

  1. ralt3 says:

    the opening was very nice

  2. apeters35 says:

    I thought the visuals were very good. The use of visuals were very good. Drawings were helpful and the visuals transitioned well.

  3. gwang76 says:

    Great video, although slightly too informal.

  4. twommack3 says:

    I really liked this video, the graphics were good, and the information presented was interesting an easy to follow.

  5. nwatson9 says:

    I was almost disappointed. At first I thought this was going to be a dull video with narrator talking over some slides/pics. But then I saw the sped-up animation and various sketches and really enjoyed them. Overall a good video.

  6. mmosgrove6 says:

    Dialogue was good and informative on coelacanth evolution, but visual aids could have been more effective in conveying information.

  7. achoo3 says:

    The pictures drawn was EXCELLENT. Audio and video representation synchronized very well! The debate between coelacanths as living fossils was also very humorous and informative. Transitions between the introduction to the explanation and then towards the conclusion were executed in a sufficient manner. However, the beginning explanation about coelacanths were rather monotonous with pictures of fish as the visual. While the theme was simple, many visual elements were displayed rather well and the narration was straightforward and comprehendible. In conclusion, the group satisfied many requirements if not all and displayed an affirmative side in their argument on coelacanths.

  8. ryoung70 says:

    This is a good video! It was easy to follow and understand the information that you were trying to get across. Good use of visuals and good knowledge of the information from the research article. Overall, a great video!

  9. mbarroso3 says:

    This was a great video! It provided various viewpoints on the issue and came to a conclusion. The images and drawings were also helpful to follow along with the presentation.

  10. bharris60 says:

    This is a great video! Learned a lot about living fossils and love the diagrams and pictures. This will definitely help in studying for the test!

  11. apatel404 says:

    I loved the drawings and visuals used! It makes this video fun and exciting when one would think this is a dull topic. Good job! I really enjoyed it. The only downside would be the large instant change in volume of some of the narrators’ since it comes out startling.

  12. jknipe3 says:

    This video has very high production quality, pictures, and information. I like how you showed the phylogenic tree and tied it into your argument.

  13. lbarre3 says:

    entertaining and interactive… the debate showed both arguments that are made over the coelacanth being a living fossil

  14. mganues3 says:

    I liked that both sides of the debate were presented, but it was hard to follow at some points. The information should have been grouped and presented differently in order to be better understood.

  15. kchan45 says:

    A nice video interpreting both sides of a debate, and then coming up with an answer. The pictures and drawings were fun to watch; however some pictures were redundant.

  16. jtrottier3 says:

    The voiceover was very monotonous in the begginning, but the background music is very nice. Great visual variety, and the “debate” made the video interesting.

  17. kmagid3 says:

    The most interesting of the videos that I’ve seen, the added visuals and pictures are nice and contribute to the information well.

  18. jlee961 says:

    clear and easy to understand and follow. clearly discussed both sides of debate. visually appealing. nice work

  19. mting7 says:

    Useful images and visuals. Writing down what you say made it much clearer and gave another way to reinforce the information. Also, effectively addressed both sides of the argument.

  20. mchandler30 says:

    extremely expressive and engaging video. Good work and good use of graphics.

  21. stailor3 says:

    The debate style was entertaining and informative.

  22. arussell32 says:

    I really enjoyed this video! Visually, it was appealing and kept my interest by changing between pictures, illustrations, written diagrams, etc. I also liked that both sides of the argument were explained- instead of just stating one claim, I liked being educated on both sides of the debate so that I can actually make my own opinion, instead of only having a one sided explanation.

  23. smargan3 says:

    The video is very visual and that makes it more interesting. You guys analyzed the arguments really well and presented the information in a simple, concise manner.

  24. jjohnson396 says:

    Good information and pictures! Seems to drift from topic with unnecessary information but it gets across what it is meant to.

  25. kahluwalia3 says:

    The video was entertaining, but hard to follow everything that was being said due to pace of some speakers. Audio can be cleaned up, and better images could have been used.

  26. kdhalla3 says:

    Entertaining, but audio clarity was a little off so it was hard to follow the video

  27. sawan3 says:

    Did a great job showing both positions on question, and then worked to disprove one side and decide on final answer to question

  28. sparra6 says:

    Very entertaining! I learned a lot and the video was clearly well thought out and executed.

  29. cbattle6 says:

    Very entertaining video! Both sides had good arguments!

  30. lhammock3 says:

    I like the argument in the video. That was very creative.

  31. mbidwell3 says:

    Very easy to understand and informative. I like the use of an argument in the video to summarize both cases.

  32. smitra36 says:

    Presented both sides of the argument very well.

  33. amawad3 says:

    Great video! Keeps audience engaged. Good use of visuals throughout the video.

  34. dherszenhaut3 says:

    The combination of narration and writing/drawing made the very interesting to watch. The debate style of the narration also helped to explain both sides of the coelacanth argument.

  35. mbunker6 says:

    I like that there is an actual discussion going on. It makes the video engaging and forces us to think.

  36. jhill67 says:

    I really like that ya’ll showed both of the arguments, and made it interesting to watch.

  37. cbotti3 says:

    Creative way to discuss the topic! And thorough. video possibly could have been better without including the mistakes made when drawing on the white board

  38. ahendrix9 says:

    Both sides of the argument were presented nicely. Enjoyed both the pictures and the whiteboard presentation.

  39. jrogers89 says:

    I appreciated how you presented both sides of the argument and discussed reasoning for both instead of just giving one perspective and explaining it the whole time. I also really liked the drawings and sped up explanations on the white board.

  40. doakland3 says:

    good visuals. easy to follow. nice to hear both sides also

  41. lkrause7 says:

    good job with the visuals and with giving both sides of the argument

  42. ltran44 says:

    Excellent video! Narrator’s voice is very attractive

  43. smeka6 says:

    Very interesting how video looked at both sides of video. Video was very informative and creative

  44. mpzd3 says:

    I liked how you introduced with a description of the extant species and presented both sides. This is a well done video and the drawing are great!

  45. shoque6 says:

    I liked the narration and the diagrams you drew to aid in understanding what you were saying.

  46. creinhardt6 says:

    Great job with the whiteboard. The video was both creative and informative – nicely done.

  47. areddy35 says:

    Same topic as our group, and well executed. Nice presentation of the two-sided argument.

  48. cfares3 says:

    Narrators voice easy to listen too. Graphics are nice. Very informative.

  49. shoover30 says:

    Coelacanths is a very interesting animal and thank you for the slow and detailed information about the living fossil. Great debate and great video.

  50. mdsouza8 says:

    Loved this video! Very neat handwriting and the music was cute and kept me interested the entire time.

  51. sward40 says:

    Nice job! The mixture of visuals used made for a good assortment that kept things interesting (ex. images, explanations on the board, drawings). The voice over was done in a way that could be followed and understood. Conveyed the fossil content with everyday language that successfully communicated your topic.

  52. skim817 says:

    Amazing job on the video it was helpful and well organized.

  53. jkim3086 says:

    Debating was interesting! It made me keep focusing on the concept in the video!

  54. cgomez37 says:

    Nice music and white board drawing. I like the one of Darwin

  55. amomin8 says:

    It provided good information on the coelacanths that I did not know about before. The opening was very calming. It provided both pro and con arguments. I liked how it was kind of like an debate and then the correct viewpoint with the most supporting arguments in a sense “won.”

  56. sreginauld3 says:

    The information was provided in a direct manner making it very easy to follow. However, more information could have been implemented to make the narration more detailed and specific.

  57. imarkale3 says:

    The presentation and visuals really helped catch the viewer’s interest. Also the arguments from opposing sides showed the controversy and debate about the topic.

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