F15-34 Population Ecology


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11 Responses to F15-34 Population Ecology

  1. jphua3 says:

    Great video and analogy

  2. sgessler3 says:

    Awesome way of relating this concept to something we interact with everyday. I would use more stimulating visuals to keep the viewers interest and focus on buzzwords.

  3. tmitchell44 says:

    Good use of our school student body as an example for all population Ecology.

  4. fschneider9 says:

    Very good reasoning for using our student population as an example. The animations were very interesting to look at, though I would suggest adding more of them to make the video more visually stimulating.

  5. eeason3 says:

    It’s cool that you used Georgia Tech as an example- it made your video more relatable. One thing you might change is to shorten it- almost 6 minutes is kind of long.

  6. rgallaway3 says:

    The video does a pretty good job at relating Georgia Tech to a general population. I think that the video could have used more engaging visuals, though. I enjoyed the use of the school mascots, but the video wasn’t much more than a slide show with a voiceover.

  7. esilenzi3 says:

    Good video. The analogy is especially good in allowing students to understand the fundamental concepts of this subject. Sound quality is a little touchy, but it isn’t bad. The video is also significantly longer than the suggested limit. You don’t waste any of the extra time, though.

  8. nhardy7 says:

    Comparing population ecology with georgia tech helped get your concept across very simply but accurately. One thing you could do is speed up the video a little bit to make it a little shorter and easier to watch

  9. bsanghani3 says:

    This is a neat concept. You did a good job making the content relatable to Georgia Tech students. The content was very well put together.

  10. dlee712 says:

    The comparison helped me understand the concept better. It was a creative way/method of keeping the audience/viewer interested. If anything could be improved, it would be the audio. There was alot of background music.

  11. hadjunta3 says:

    buzz buzz!! great video! i like the visual. and the examples you guys use was really clever.. Georgia tech, who would though about it. I did not see many keywords or concepts in the video. those are helpful for the viewers, you guys should put it. the voice over was great. and the editing, a bit choppy. but the video look great. awesome work.

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