F15-35 Altruism


West, Stuart A; Murray, Martyn G; Machado, Carlos A; Griffin, Ashleigh S;Edward Allen Herre.  2001. “Testing Hamilton’s rule with competition between relatives”. Nature 409 (6819):510-3.

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29 Responses to F15-35 Altruism

  1. aburtz3 says:

    The content of the video was very clear and concise.

    Maybe find a way to break up the content and re-engage the audience.

  2. hmohilldean3 says:

    A well produced video that explained the concepts thoroughly. The narration was clear, and content was relevant. The example involving the bee excellently conveyed the theory mentioned. I’d suggest having a slide at the end that highlights all of the key terminology mentioned.

  3. fkiester3 says:

    The video was very nicely narrated and drawn and did a good job explaining the concept. I think the last sentence could maybe be reworded to make it clear that altruism is not a conscious decision made by an organism after considering rB > C.

  4. rclyburn6 says:

    The video was very thorough and well written, which made the concept of organismal altruism very easy to understand. I would only suggest maybe adding some animation in order to make the video more engaging.

  5. ehaak3 says:

    This was really well done. Aside from the fact that the information was concise and well illustrated, the voice over sounded almost professional. Overall, I was impressed with the refreshing simplicity of the project. Good job.

  6. nbuxani6 says:

    The presentation was clean, clear, and informative. The visuals could have been a little more intriguing.

  7. jmarcus3 says:

    Really well done. The examples are great and memorable. I also like the way you pose the question, “Shouldn’t natural selection work against this?” and then proceed to answer exactly why altruism is vital for a species continuation. The only thing that may be helpful is the inclusion of another example.

  8. cdalluge3 says:

    Good explanations and examples. The visuals are good but the lack of movement and pictures in some of the clips makes it a little mundane.

  9. dryoo6 says:

    This is a fantastic video! The narration is clear and easy to listen to, and the content was all thoroughly yet sufficiently explained. One way this video could be improved is if the visuals were slightly more detailed (although the simplicity was probably suited for most of the video).

  10. cchastine3 says:

    Very clear narrations and visuals. The information is also presented in a simple and fluid way. Overall the video is very easy to follow and concise. One improvement could be after introducing Hamilton’s rule maybe show a chart listing most relatives relatedness. I.E. Parents and siblings are 50% while cousins are around 12.5%. Great Video.

  11. fchu31 says:

    This video was excellent in explaining the the altruist concept. The information presented was clear and visuals were efficient. I also liked the distinct style of the video. I think that you should have added some theme music to further accentuate the style.

  12. kcannon9 says:

    I thought the content was very well written and flowed really well. I wish that the visuals were a bit more enticing.

  13. agonzalez62 says:

    The narration is very clear and informative, and the information is presented nice visually. The only improvement I would suggest would be to make the video flow a little bit better.

  14. arobertson38 says:

    Very clear to begin with. Those kind of stupid play on word hooks are always fun. The artwork is very clearly and easily communicates what you want to say. Furthermore, unlike many of these videos, you speak very slowly and clearly which makes it extremely easy to follow. You could have spruced it up a little and made it a little more engaging. Even simply by adding colors to the pictures.

  15. abrown365 says:

    A very informative video that packed a good amount of information in a short amount of time! The only thing I would change is include the audience a little more and maybe add an engaging story in the video.

  16. jbethea9 says:

    This was a very good and easy-to-understand explanation of fitness and altruism. I would maybe add more drawings to make the video a bit more creative.

  17. cbaskowitz3 says:

    The voice of the narrative is very engaging. However, the visuals are not very exciting. The material is clearly covered and straightforward. It is very clarifying but needs to be more visually appealing.

  18. mntende3 says:

    The video sounded very professional! The beginning caught my attention immediately! Hamilton’s Rule was thoroughly and easily presented. It would have been great to go over what you covered in this video at the end.

  19. twang363 says:

    The voiceover for the video was very good, it was clear with good intonation. The information was presented in a clear and easy to follow manner. However, the video could use some more interesting visual aids. Otherwise, it was a great video.

  20. cgillon3 says:

    I really liked how clear and understandable the narration was and the simplicity of the visuals.
    I guess if you wanted to make it a bit more attention-grabbing then you could add some soft background music but honestly I think its pretty good as it stands.

  21. tskapetis3 says:

    The video was narrated very well and the information was delivered effectively. Animations would have helped the video not feel as static.

  22. epierotti3 says:

    Great video! Super concise and well-done. The visuals could have been a little bit more eye-catching but otherwise this was really helpful.

  23. mjung43 says:

    The narrator’s voice is very clear and punctual; however, this may be perceived as too slow of a pace for the video. But I did enjoy the classy feel of the wooden frame feeling the desk/table gave. I thought this was very helpful in delivering the concepts. Well done.

  24. bsanghani3 says:

    Nice video! The voice was very clear. The video also had good information. The white board could have been cleaner but overall it was well put together.

  25. mhanon6 says:

    I like the style of this video. In contrast to many animated videos, this video provides simple graphics that are followed timely by a voice over. The only recommendation I have is to add color to the drawings to make the video a little more interesting. In general, the video was simple, concise, and clear!

  26. sking49 says:

    The video was very well delivered. I loved how straightforward the material was to the topic. There was a good balance of detail throughout.

  27. hadjunta3 says:

    the video had a retro and classy style. that the first impression I had. the information was straight to the point and really simple. i would like if you guys could put more pictures or figures to reinforce the audience attention. it nice when you guys important concepts, but its always nice to back up the concepts with engaging visual aid. voice over is clear and well done. good editing.

  28. kmarshall30 says:

    The voice over was great for this video, he talks clear and concise and slow enough to follow and understand what he is saying, the video also captures altruism very well. Great video!

  29. Bakare Oladipo says:

    The narrator’s voice was slow and there were moments of distractions as a result, but the material was broken down well enough for understanding. Good job!

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