F15-55 Mutualism

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  1. ccaskey6 says:

    I like how this video completely defined mutualism and each of the examples of mutualism and not only provided a real0life example but made it humorous by using the group members to act it out. One room for improvement is editing portions of the video that aren’t as good as they could be. The content was good, but there were times when the video was blurry or they misspelled words and these are things they should’ve fixed before submitting.

  2. tkeisler3 says:

    The use of a white board worked very well with presenting the information to the viewer. The examples that were acted out could have been a little more descriptive.

  3. ahampton30 says:

    It was very entertaining and very concise and to the point. I was able to follow the information well, and I liked that you, used yourselves as examples.

  4. fkiester3 says:

    Good job on the illustrations and acted out examples. It may have taken too long, but giving some more information about why cheating is detrimental to the cheater might have been nice.

  5. kburgener6 says:

    Good video. I liked how there was an outline of what was going to be covered throughout the video, and how the definitions were written out on the white board before the examples. Although the examples were entertaining, each was explained twice in the video (1st over voice-over and 2nd by the actors) and that was a little bit repetitive. I felt like they could only be explained once and people would still understand them quite well.

  6. jmarcus3 says:

    The examples of mutualistic relationships were very explicit and easy to understand. Additionally, the demonstrations made the examples memorable, allowing for recall on a test to be very easy. The only thing that I would add would be the reasons why some animals cheat and say why they do it, for example why do bees cheat? What is the beneficial aspect that causes the bees to cheat?

  7. lps6 says:

    Great job using humor to help understand the concept of mutualism. The points presented were very clear and were visually creative (using the people in your video). The video could have gone more in-depth in the concept of mutualism (for example, explain how cheating has been proven to be evolutionarily detrimental to the cheater, etc.).

  8. ckoett3 says:

    Good examples were used. Everything that was attempted to get across was very clear so well done. Although, the only area for improvement might be the use of better examples. The bee example was used on the webpage; as an alternative I might have used something like cleaner fish or cleaner shrimp.

  9. zschlesinger3 says:

    I liked how they made funny cut-scenes to show an example of whichever type of mutualism they were talking about.

    The voice-over during the writing portion was somewhat boring and occasionally there was a fairly long pause in between the end of speaking and the end of drawing. It seems like this could have been fixed with some more editing.

  10. cdalluge3 says:

    The video explained the concepts well and then provided entertaining examples. This is a little repetitive but the humor made it work.

  11. jreini3 says:

    Camera work made me slightly dizzy, but the material in the video is conveyed clearly and efficiently. Visuals provide some insight into understanding material and making the video a more fun and entertaining experience.

  12. kravi31 says:

    The video went through all of the types of mutualism and provided simple examples to explain them, which is key in a review video. If anything, perhaps there could have been a clearer indication of the pollen spreading in the service-resource example.

  13. ksloan7 says:

    This video did a good job of capturing my attention. The group is really entertaining and does a great job of describing the concepts and giving examples.

  14. lcooper35 says:

    This video was very well done; the descriptions and examples enhanced students’ understanding of mutualism. The writing and drawings were very neat. One improvement could have been some more information on cheating, such as the specific benefits of it.

  15. jvalencia8 says:

    The video is very entertaining and informative, but I felt that the ending was excessive.

  16. khoang8 says:

    The video was concise and straight to the point; the information was explained well. Suggestions: Give reasoning for animals on why they cheat

  17. nbhatnagar7 says:

    Overall, this video was pretty funny and also demonstrated a strong understanding of the concepts presented. It was also funny when the person writing forgot how to spell “exchange”. However, I think that the inclusion of cut scenes to develop the examples was a little unnecessary and repetitive.

  18. agonzalez62 says:

    I enjoyed how this video goes through the information and structures the lesson that they’re trying to tell. The quality of the production could have been improved visually, but overall the video was well made and actually had some humor twisted into its lesson.

  19. abrown365 says:

    The video gave a great review of mutualism and gave some good examples. One improvement would be to engage the audience a bit more

  20. dsubramani3 says:

    I really liked that the video provided in depth examples with explanations of the biological concepts the ideas are related to. The video was creative and effective.

  21. vlee38 says:

    The video clearly explained all kinds of mutualism and I like the style of the video with the whiteboard. The constant movement/animation made me not lose interest in the video. I feel that the video could have a been better edited though because the movement doesn’t necessarily match the voiceover sometimes and seems to lag behind.

  22. bavrett3 says:

    I really liked this video!
    Next time I would suggest trying to cut out some of the mistakes that were written to cut down to the time limit but also to present a more clean project.
    Overall though I thought it was great, the speaker had a clear voice, and your examples were able to demonstrate the breadth of mutualism in some creative ways.

  23. achiddarwar3 says:

    The content in the video was very clear and informative. I liked how you added humorous cut scenes which kept the audiences attention.I also liked the visuals because I am a visual learner and that helped reinforce concepts. One improvement that I suggest is that the camera was very dizzy.

  24. cbaskowitz3 says:

    Good and clear examples were used. The video was very clear and straightforward. The voice was monotone at certain points. Acting out the examples made it more engaging than the simple narrative.

  25. amurdock7 says:

    I like how the video gave examples of each type of mutualism to give a better understanding to the viewers. There was enough humor to keep the viewer entertained as well.

  26. jsolomon41 says:

    The video is engaging and informative. It gives good definitions and entertaining examples of the different types of mutualism. However, some wording is repetitive when shifting focus from definition to example. Also, sometimes audio and video don’t always match up.

  27. ramra3 says:

    I liked the use of the whiteboard; it made the explanations very clear and easy to follow. I also liked the acting out of the examples, but felt that the examples were a little repetitive as they were acted out and also written on the whiteboard.

  28. csims39 says:

    I really liked this video and its style of presenting. By this I mean that it explains all of the relevant information and does so well, while using both the whiteboard and a visual example. This worked surprisingly well and added to the variety of the video.

  29. tskapetis3 says:

    The information is delivered effectively and using yourselves as examples was very creative and effective. However, there was some time where writing on the whiteboard could have been cut out in order to make the video somewhat shorter.

  30. tbansal6 says:

    really well made overall! well timed, useful info, and good relatable examples. It could have been spiced up a little but it was straightforward and very informational.

  31. tbansal6 says:

    very well made! Good examples to support information and good job of keeping it entertaining but straightforward. acting scenes could have been a little louder.

  32. pnatarajan34 says:

    Good job on the illustrations and acting out the examples. The analogy is great too which will help all college students understand the topic. I really like the effort put in to act out the problems.

  33. Kouba Amelie says:

    I like the start – giving the definition is very important. The silent pauses within the video could be fixed. I do love how you go back and forth between writing and you guys acting out – it was definitely entertaining, you guys were very enthusiastic.

  34. Sewall Christian says:

    This video piqued my interest because of the acting in between sections. I like the whiteboard areas in between to. Very entertaining and enthusiastic.

  35. Durrah Mirage says:

    The video was interesting and to the point. It was easy to follow with the use of the white board. Good job.

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