F16-50: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

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11 Responses to F16-50: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

  1. Minju Lee says:

    Because you wrote down all the important equations and explained through examples, I could understand well. However, it would have been more beneficial if you added more visuals and pictures.

  2. MVong says:

    It was good to have some examples of how to apply the equation. The camera kept shaking and the times between each scene were too short.

  3. HRay says:

    This video does an excellent job at explaining Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and provides useful example problems of how to perform the calculations. The group made sure to define all variables and explained how the Hardy-Weinberg principle is used. One improvement would be to try and better match up the audio content with the parts of the video they correlate to.

  4. LBrewer says:

    Well done! I really liked the example problems you guys gave to explain the concept. The only thing I would say as constructive criticism is that maybe you should have given the 5 assumptions for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

  5. JTannos says:

    I think the content of the video is great, and everything is explained in detail. The way to calculate p and q was shown very clearly. However, the video is quite difficult to see because the camera was shaky. Also, the voice was a little bit unclear at the beginning of the video.

  6. MMccanless says:

    -Lots of information conveyed but without being dry or hard to follow.
    -Moved kind of fast in the beginning and then spent a comparatively long time on examples (pacing issues)

  7. SRayburn says:

    Good visuals, addresses topic well, explains HW equation pretty well. A lot of good information.

    Slowing down a little and giving the audience a second to read the visuals would make it a lot easier to separate all the information that’s given.

  8. PMason says:

    Great content, very informative. The camera shake is slightly distracting, however.

  9. NOlczak says:

    Really informative and nice visual aids with the drawn animals.

  10. CKim says:

    it would’ve been more clear to understand if you slowed down the beginning part. But due to good examples and calculations deriving the concepts and original equations, that was easier to understand.

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