S16-38 Evolution by Natural Selection

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15 Responses to S16-38 Evolution by Natural Selection

  1. ACasado says:

    Very good content.

    Visuals could be better (may digital) and production could be more entertaining.

  2. CMoss says:

    You did a very good job explaining the back ground of natural selection and Darwin. I would elaborate more on the concept of evolution resulting from natural selection such as how the gene pool and allele frequencies change over time.

  3. JAmero says:

    These drawings are amazing!

  4. CHanson says:

    I really like the pace of this video. The speed makes it very manageable to take in all the material where some videos seem to be very fast which makes it harder to understand. For improvement, I would add more visuals that match more of what you’re saying as you say it. This will help keep viewers interested and engaged so their eyes don’t wander.

  5. EYearwood says:

    I liked how you related the concept of natural selection to the real world example of giraffes! The example demonstrates just how powerful evolution by natural selection can be. The one thing I would improve is your visuals; using a powerpoint presentation or some other method that would allow you to use real photographs and other visuals would have been more effective.

  6. KBarut says:

    The pictures were cute but still professional looking. It looks like you guys took time doing this and put in effort but it doesnt look over sophisticated so good job. The voice was even and a good speed. You could have gone into detail a bit more with the punnett square.

  7. SGedorio says:

    I really liked this video, the visuals were great and appealing throughout. The flow from topic to topic was very smooth and it is a nice review of the topic. A suggestion is to maybe include a creative way to memorize a part of your topic (Darwin’s 4 requirements maybe)–but I think the engaging visual makes up for it.

  8. MHavard says:

    Great Video! Using the giraffe application was very effective and made the video interesting. I think that you could have gotten to the content a little sooner in the beginning, but it was still a very good introduction and a high quality video overall.

  9. VWu says:

    The overall presentation of the material great! It had great sound balance and audio quality, without any drops. However one possible improvement is on presenting the imagery. Perhaps it would have been better if they were simply scanned instead of laid on the back of a wall and photographed.

  10. JTannos says:

    In my opinion, the evolution by natural selection is greatly explained in this video. I love the illustration of using a giraffe as an example of evolution by natural selection, in this case, by what the giraffe needs to be able to reach their foods which are located on top of trees.

  11. JAmero says:

    Maybe you could have added some animation or additional pictures to keep the audience’s attention.

  12. DPatel says:

    This video was very informative, and you guys definitely did a good job explaining natural selection. I thought the video format was good, although a bit of motion would have been a nice touch. Overall, I feel this video was very informative, and I loved the illustrations.

  13. KGando says:

    What an amazing presentation!!! The contents, the visual aid, and the tone are all well synchronized. The video clearly accomplished the main goal of the presentation, that is, to explain the mechanism of evolution by natural selection!! Good Job!!!

    Commentator: Kelson Gando

  14. TNadir says:

    The video was overall okay. I liked the idea of listing out the Darwin’s 4 requirement. However, I was confused a little with the drawings.

  15. APatel says:

    This video definitely displayed the information well. The use of one specific example allowed for me to relate to the information. The visuals were very creative and clear to understand. The only negative comment I would have is the quality of your sound.

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