S16-04 Prokaryote vs Eukaryote

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13 Responses to S16-04 Prokaryote vs Eukaryote

  1. VBalayan says:

    I really liked the analogy to Blue Ridge and Atlanta, it helped put things into perspective and kept viewers engaged.
    If there was one thing that could have been improved, it would have been better if the voiceover was aligned with the text int the beginning sequence where differences between eukaryotes and prokaryotes were listed off.

  2. CMoss says:

    I really liked your reference of using the cells as cities. It is a good way of describing the topic to someone who is unfamiliar with the terms. I would recommend speaking slightly more on the two actual images of the cell at the end so viewers know what specific organelles look like and how a cell is laid out. Well done.

  3. NNeuhart says:

    Very descriptive and creative way to teach this topic, easy to understand

    Not filmed that well since the recorded portion doesn’t take up the whole space on the screen, make it harder to see

  4. JGeorge says:

    Great analogy! Helped the comparison a lot. The only con for me was the shakiness of the video, but that even wasn’t so bad.

  5. EYearwood says:

    The content from this video was very clear and informational. I gained a clear understanding of a difference between a prokaryote and eukaryote.
    I would have better visuals, and also, the scenes with the farm and city background noise didn’t really make any sense.

  6. MVong says:

    The use of metaphors in the video was interesting and made the audience easy to understand what each organelle does. The camera kept shaking and too many words at the beginning.

  7. ASteele says:

    I liked the creativity and visuals of the project. The sounds and drawings were very engaging. However, I did not like the background noises or pauses.

  8. RWiese says:

    I loved the graphic illustrations used, they helped tie it all together in my mind and for whatever reason chloroplasts and their function is now cemented in my head.
    The only improvement I would suggest is making the production of the video a bit smoother, I know the time constraints were a factor in that too. Great video though!

  9. MonLee says:

    Audio and script is very clearly recorded, but a bit soft volume-wise. The use of sound effects is cute in establishing the concept examples.

  10. KOkseniuk says:

    Great production, really liked all of the analogies with different cell organelles. Very creative. I don’t have any negative feedback other than try to keep everything to a single video frame (I know it’s hard, and again, no big deal) 🙂

  11. MAdams says:

    The visuals are awesome. The flow is really good, this video is great!!

  12. NOlczak says:

    Really great breakdown of the different cell organelles.

  13. TPassmore says:

    Try not to cover the information you are writing about at the same time you are talking about it. I liked the comparisons between cell and cities. Also the sound effects were well placed.

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