S16 – 12 — Eukaryotes: Gene Process


Choi, Jung. 2012. Gene Expression: DNA to Protein. Biology 1510 Biological Principles.

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14 Responses to S16 – 12 — Eukaryotes: Gene Process

  1. NTait says:

    The transition from one narrator to another was done very well in terms of timing. The material was well covered without going into too much detail. I thought that the music in the background was a little strange and did not fit the overall tone of the video.

  2. JClancy says:

    The music combined with various editing emphasis add humor to a very well put together video

  3. PDorsch says:

    Great visuals, the microphone is a little scratchy but great project altogether. The powerpoint clearly had a lot of work put into it and helped with the explanation of the material.

  4. ALail says:

    The visuals were really top-notch. The sound could be slightly more even in volume when switching between speakers, but that’s very slight. Overall, a fantastic video.

  5. SChoi says:

    The overall video was really great and the visuals are especially helpful. One thing that could make the video better would be to try and slow down some of the speaking; most of the speaking is good but some seems fast.

  6. SGedorio says:

    I love how the animation flowed so smoothly with the script and that the visuals were spot-on and on-point and clear to understand. I really understood how mutations affected the sequence after this video. One suggestion is to maybe include a way to memorize certain aspects of the gene process such as the certain mutations that occur. Overall, this was a great video.

  7. MVong says:

    The video is so informative and the pictures in the video are presented in a way that make the audience easy to understand. However, it can be better if it provides more reviewed research to support the materials.

  8. KGando says:

    Overall, the video was well organized and informative. However, there were a few words that were very difficult to read; a use of dark color would help.

    Commentator: Kelson Gando

  9. YUtkina says:

    The vice over and the visuals were synced well, the voice over were not chunked into beginning, middle, and end, but were rotated.

    Since there was more than one visual on screen for each voiceover maybe if the exact visuals the voice overs were talking about were somehow indicated, like slightly enlarged, or flashed for a few seconds.

  10. TNadir says:

    The video was great. The group did a great job of explaining the introns and exons with lot of examples. Also, they did a great job of explaining the process of transcription and translation as a whole.

  11. VGopal says:

    This is a very informative video that effectively explained translation in an interesting and engaging way. The images showing the translation process worked very well in the video. A suggestion to improve this video is to include more sources to get your information, so you can go more in depth when talking about your topic.

  12. MonLee says:

    Loved the animations, they help make the concepts really easy to understand! The audio is a bit fuzzy and misaligned–try recording voice overs at the same time for even volume.

  13. MAdams says:

    This video is really really nice. The information is presented very well, and the visuals are awesome. The only issue I had was that some of the audio was difficult to understand/hear.

  14. APatel says:

    I really enjoyed watching the visuals of your presentation. This was very detailed and easy to understand Although sometimes hard to hear, the content of your video was incredibly detailed and made the information easy to understand.

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