S16-24 Pesticides v. Bees

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15 Responses to S16-24 Pesticides v. Bees

  1. NNeuhart says:

    Very creative video that was still informative

    Could’ve had more descriptive visuals for what happens to the bees and why pesticides are used to begin with

  2. KBarut says:

    THe puppets were cute and funny but came off as a little unprofessional. The content was accurate and well presented. I also liked the organization of the material covered

  3. MVong says:

    The materials were presented in a creative way in the video. It could provide more pictures.

  4. FJamil says:

    This was a good video! I liked the content and the script for the video and the way that different topics were presented. The thing that I would critique for this video is that the addition of the puppets did not really do much for the video. For a large portion of the video, the hand puppets were simply going up and down, which didn’t add much to what the voiceovers were stating. However, overall, the video broke down the concept of insecticides very well. I would rate this video a 4.0 out of 5! Great Job!

  5. CJones says:

    It was very effective the way in which the microscopic way on how pesticides affect bees was presented. One way the video could be improved is by having a better visual representation of a bee interacting with a pesticide.

  6. KGando says:

    Hum, so pesticides should be used during the morning and evening to avoid harming the bees. The content of the video is great; it clearly provides the necessary information about the effect of pesticides on bees. Well done!!

    Commentator: Kelson Gando

  7. HKemp says:

    This video was very concise and easy to understand. It also thoroughly covered the topic in the time allowed. It covered how easy type of pesticide can affect bees and how to defend against these pesticides. An improvement that could have been made would be to add the chemical name of the pesticide type to the picture of the chemical formula instead of just showing the chemical formula.

  8. VGopal says:

    This video effectively talks about the differences between pesticides and bees in an interesting and engaging way. However, the video could definitely benefit from more diagrams and images supporting the information you convey in the video.

  9. ACornell says:

    This video is very well done. It expands upon the topics we covered in class in a creative design. One thing that could be improved is that the transitions are a little choppy. Other than that, great job guys!

  10. MonLee says:

    Very clever way of laying out this concept, especially with the visuals. The narration has some weird gaps in the script, perhaps cutting some of these down will help shorten the length of the video.

  11. SRayburn says:

    Good information that was articulately put

    Gives multiple problems with pesticides and subsequent problems

    Really good diction makes dialogue easy to understand

    Changing the way the puppets move so that it looks more like they’re talking instead of flopping around would make the parts with the puppets easier to follow

  12. MAdams says:

    Really cute presentation! very informative and easy to understand. It got a little slow at some points, but it was really good.

  13. PMason says:

    Very informative and well-presented. Some of the video components seem a bit choppy though.

  14. APatel says:

    I loved the idea of using puppets. Also, the content is very relatable and easy to understand for someone without any background information. I really enjoyed this video.

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