Group 4 – Identifying the male sex determinant in houseflies

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14 Responses to Group 4 – Identifying the male sex determinant in houseflies

  1. Emily Dykstra says:

    I liked the unique style of how the video was laid out to look like a news report! The information was good, as was the spoken content. The only thing that could be improved is the audio quality.

  2. Sydney Tolbert says:

    Like the style of the video! Very informative.

  3. Isabelle Musmanno says:

    This is iconic. So easy to follow and understand the biological implications!

  4. Tyrus Wheeler says:

    Different approach then most of the other videos I watched, but it was still interesting to watch. Enjoyed the news story line theme. Information was easy to grasp from video.

  5. Charles Herrmann says:

    I liked the dynamic of the video, moving in different places. It was also informative.

  6. Alyssa Bronson says:

    The video was engaging and I liked how you included multiple people and places in the video. The only improvements would be the audio an visual quality.

  7. Joshua Baker says:

    This video was informative and entertaining, while keeping the topic’s explanation to an understandable level.

  8. Ivey Fidelibus says:

    Creative design for the video and one of the most humorous ones. I appreciate how y’all didn’t make the mood very serious and took the time to film live people in different locations.

  9. Ryan Knipe says:

    Very unique and funny but still with good information. Kept me engaged with humor while staying informative

  10. Jordan Kreimeyer says:

    I loved how y’all made this into a news report. The beginning was a little hard to understand. Overall it was a different, funny, and smart way to present the topic and y’all did extremely well!!

  11. Rohan Mundkur says:

    The news report format worked really well, and you can tell that a lot of effort was put into this video.

  12. Swati Sharma says:

    The style of the video was original, and it was really engaging! Everything was easy to understand and fun to watch.

  13. Harrison Skelton says:

    This video was great. The news coverage theme was entertaining. The information was given in a way that was clear and understandable

  14. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Nah, this was definitely the funniest video. And it conveyed the information perfectly.

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