Social Bet-Hedging in Bats Group 5

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17 Responses to Social Bet-Hedging in Bats Group 5

  1. Amanda Adkins says:

    Your drawings were so good!
    The information was presented well too!

  2. Emily Dykstra says:

    The video had good content and illustrations, but the voiceover was spoken very quickly /:

  3. Isabelle Musmanno says:

    Love the analogies, but had a hard time following the audio. Sill an overall effective video in explaining behavioral ecology and fitness!

  4. Elizabeth Stevens says:

    I liked the metaphors you used while explaining. Cute pictures. The only thing is the subtitles were in a little off in some sections. Other than that, you’re video was great!

  5. Sydney Tolbert says:

    Great illustrations! A little too much information for only three minutes making it a little hard to follow, but very effective video overall!

  6. Vitaliy Popovych says:

    Very detailed and well structured! Great drawings, but they could have used a little more color

  7. Valerie Stolf says:

    This topic is super cool. The illustrations were really great!

  8. Branndon Booth says:

    Audio was fast but the video was informative

  9. Kathryn Stauduhar says:

    It was a little hard to follow with the audio moving so quickly, and the information being pretty dense. But the visuals are very fun!

  10. Charles Herrmann says:

    I think you were talking a little too quickly, and that made it somewhat hard to understand. The drawings were good though.

  11. Jordan Kreimeyer says:

    I’m so impressed with the visuals! The speech was fast, but got all the information across well!

  12. Anthony Gideon says:

    Great explanation! The visuals really added to the content and comprehension.

  13. Rohan Mundkur says:

    The video content and explanation of the experiment are detailed, but the narration is too fast.

  14. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Really quick, but still good content. The drawings were great too

  15. Erek Humm says:

    Great video that is very informative, but I would try to find a way to trim it down a little bit so the speaker isn’t so rushed that way it is easier to understand and follow

  16. mmullins9 says:

    “I really like the analogy between sharing food with everyone in your apartment v. just you’re nuclear family”

  17. mmullins9 says:

    I really like the analogy between sharing food with everyone in your apartment v. just you’re nuclear family,

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