Group 6 – Synthetic Organisms: Functioning Unnatural Base Pairs

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16 Responses to Group 6 – Synthetic Organisms: Functioning Unnatural Base Pairs

  1. Amanda Adkins says:

    This is great, loved the artwork.
    Very informative. (:

  2. Emily Dykstra says:

    Awesome illustrations that aided the comprehension of the video. Good inclusion of class topics.

  3. Isabelle Musmanno says:

    The flow of ideas were easy to follow, chronological and matched the visual perfectly!

  4. Elizabeth Stevens says:

    This was awesome! Great artwork and explained very thoroughly and easy to understand. Definitely very impressed!

  5. Sydney Tolbert says:

    Great illustrations! Flows very well and is easy to follow and understand.

  6. Vitaliy Popovych says:

    The amount of work you guys put into the art really paid off. Simple, informative, and very well condensed. Great work!

  7. Valerie Stolf says:

    Artwork is amazing!! Very well spoken and easy to understand 🙂

  8. Cristina Rosello says:

    Wow wow wow, that was such a creative way to display the topic. The drawings made the flow of ideas easy to understand. Great job!!

  9. Tyrus Wheeler says:

    Video was well orchestrated. Art work was great, easy to follow, and had meaningful information.

  10. Branndon Booth says:

    Easy to follow great illustrations and excellent narration

  11. Avery Jones says:

    The beginning was a little abrupt. There were a lot of words on the screen and the narrator was talking quite fast, so it was hard to capture what was being said. However, the rest of the video made up for it! The artwork was amazing and complemented the narrator efficiently.

  12. Casey Erb says:

    Really well edited and illustrated. Very informative on the methodology and specifics of the experiment. Great job!

  13. Rohan Mundkur says:

    The animations were really well done, and the narration was very detailed but easy to understand.

  14. Erek Humm says:

    The drawings are at a good pace and add a lot to the video, very well done!

  15. mmullins9 says:

    The drawing of the hand was amazing. I like how you introduced text into your video

  16. Tyler Oliver says:

    I really liked how y’all went an entirely different direction than the other group. The contrast between the two styles surely will help future viewers understand the material.

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