Group 3 – How prions cause neurodegenerative diseases


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19 Responses to Group 3 – How prions cause neurodegenerative diseases

  1. Isabelle Musmanno says:

    Loved the breaking news idea! Really worked effectively and gave the viewer a clear understating of a complicated concept.

  2. Elizabeth Stevens says:

    Explained really great! and really nice graphics in designing the video. Really cool

  3. Amanda Adkins says:

    Very nice explanation!

  4. Sydney Tolbert says:

    Love the style of the video! Fun and unique idea and great explanations.

  5. Valerie Stolf says:

    Great! This video went really in depth and covered a lot of ground!

  6. Ruthrajeevi Venkat Govindaraj says:

    Very in depth video, however the lack of eye contact with the camera made it feel a little uncomfortable to watch?

  7. Kathryn Stauduhar says:

    Information was clear and the concept was cool! Definitely agree with the eye contact with the camera thing though.

  8. Avery Jones says:

    The news room setting was a really creative idea! However, it was a little harder to follow the content without visuals to complement the information you were talking about.

  9. Charles Herrmann says:

    I think the news format and interviewing someone was a great idea. It made it easy to follow, and it was overall very informative.

  10. Alyssa Bronson says:

    The news interview idea was creative! I liked how you included images and graphs at the top right corner. It helped to visual what you were talking about.

  11. Ji Eun Lim says:

    The discussion between 3 different people made it very engaging. Great work.

  12. Joshua Baker says:

    Round table format worked well, and visuals helped for comprehension. Agree with the others, that looking off-camera broke immersion a bit. Otherwise, good job!

  13. Piper Brownlee says:

    The news cast idea was very unique and sets it apart from all of the illustrated videos

  14. Atikud Rouf says:

    Very well put and informative. Using the breaking news narrative made the video very unique and engaging.

  15. Ryan Knipe says:

    Explained very well and the interview scenario helps interpret exactly what is being explained

  16. Tyler Oliver says:

    I really enjoyed the news video concept, as a lot of people have made videos using solely animations of voice-over. Your explanation of the material was also very thorough as well.

  17. Anthony Gideon says:

    The news concept was a nice touch that made the video engaging and entertaining. The concise presentation of information and explanations was appreciated.

  18. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Video with the great premise. Good job relating it to the stuff we learned in class already.

  19. Erek Humm says:

    Very creative with the news idea. Great video I just wish there were more illustrations to help me understand better

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