Group 2 – Cannibalism Increases with Rising Temperature

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14 Responses to Group 2 – Cannibalism Increases with Rising Temperature

  1. Valerie Stolf says:

    This was really cool. The illustrations made so much sense with what was being said in the voice-over. Awesome job!

  2. Branndon Booth says:

    Great video, interesting and well put together

  3. Kathryn Stauduhar says:

    Overall really nice! I think the visuals could have worked better with brighter lighting, and maybe overhead drawing.

  4. Avery Jones says:

    I really liked the video! The music and artwork made helped to make the content really easy to follow.

  5. Alyssa Bronson says:

    Your illustrations were great and the speaker was very clear which really allowed me to understand what the study was all about. Good job!

  6. Casey Erb says:

    I thought the illustrations were great and the information was broken down very clearly. The steady bass actually helped me pay attention more, great job!

  7. Joshua Baker says:

    Concise, and easy to follow. The points were made well, and the visuals definitely helped me understand the experiment.

  8. Ivey Fidelibus says:

    I like how you guys used a background music and the narration was really clear, engaging, and one of the best of all the group projects. The video had a great pace and the audio / visual was well-matched.

  9. Piper Brownlee says:

    I thought the video was put together really well and the narration was very professional

  10. Jordan Kreimeyer says:

    This experiment was explained extremely well. The visuals and background music kept the video interesting, while the audio clearly explained all concepts. It was awesome.

  11. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Video was easy to follow. The audio was clear as day. and the ending that conveys the importance was very well done.

  12. Joseph Davis says:

    The flow of the information in the video was easy to follow, and the drawn illustrations that accompanied the information helped clear up any questions while watching.

  13. Erek Humm says:

    I love the use of music in the background. The illustrations were awesome and complemented the information being relayed by the speaker perfectly

  14. Marianna says:

    Very engaging video! The video was well explained and really concise. I really enjoyed watching your explanation

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