Group 7 – Cannibalism increases with rising temperature

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14 Responses to Group 7 – Cannibalism increases with rising temperature

  1. Amanda Adkins says:

    Your figures were drawn well. Very informative.

  2. Emily Dykstra says:

    Very informative and good relation to class by discussing statistical tests and how they led to conclusions.

  3. Elizabeth Stevens says:

    Very informative and easy to follow and understand.

  4. Vitaliy Popovych says:

    Concise and well thought out. You really brought out the interesting points in your topic in a captivating way.

  5. Cristina Rosello says:

    Loved the visuals, really showed the relationship between cannibalism and all those factors. Great connection to predator-prey interactions

  6. Ruthrajeevi Venkat Govindaraj says:

    The images and information was really accessible; I think it would have been a more entertaining watch if there was more than one narrator.

  7. Atikud Rouf says:

    The drawings are very well drawn. For the figures/results, you could’ve explained them more.

  8. Ryan Knipe says:

    Easy to follow and helpful illustrations to follow along

  9. Anthony Gideon says:

    I appreciate the direct approach with the explanation. A coherent nature was well maintained throughout, though variation of the narrator would improve the overall effect.

  10. Tyler Oliver says:

    Your utilization of the illustrations was helpful toward the explanation of the subject matter; however, you figures and results sections left room for more to be desired. Make sure to cover everything adequately.

  11. Rohan Mundkur says:

    The presentation of the experiment and connections to the modules were well done.

  12. Blake Pentland says:

    I thought the relation to 1510, the figures and the level of detail were all amazing, plus the narration was A+

  13. Harrison Skelton says:

    Easy to follow and understand. Great visuals. Subtitles were an asset. Great Job!

  14. Mythri Ravoori says:

    Well done! The graphics and illustrations were easy to follow along with the explanation, however, I do feel like more could have been said in the results section only because I feel like that ties up what happened in the experiment and is pretty important to discuss more in depth. But other than that, it was very informative and good!

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