Video Upload Instructions

How to upload your video project…

Each group must first upload their group project video to YouTube. Within the YouTube settings, you have the option of making your video “public for all” or “unlisted”; however, it cannot be “private”. Private videos cannot be accessed on the Bio 1510 website and will result in a late penalty applied to the final project score, assessed per-day until the error is corrected.  In either case, note the URL for your YouTube video. The next step is to post your YouTube video to this site:

  1. Designate a group web master.
  2. Create and publish a group post. After logging into the website, the group web master will see a menu bar across the top of the page. From the “Add New” pull-down menu, select “Post.” The web master will then see an “Add New Post” page with a blank edit box. Selecting the “Visual” tab on the edit box will allow the web master to type in text and format using word processor type menu icons at the top of the box (if you see only one row of icons, click the last icon on the right of the row (“show/hide kitchen sink” to reveal a second row of icons).
  3. Each post must have your group number (e.g. “group 12”) and a short description of your topic in the title.
  4. To add your group’s video, simply copy and paste your YouTube video URL into the text box. It will then appear as an embedded video on “Preview.” Do NOT use the “insert/edit link” button to turn it into a hyperlink. Make sure that the url appears as “http” and not “https,” or the video will not display correctly. Below the video, you may add additional references as text if these were not embedded in the video itself.
  5. Designate the category of your assigned topic from the list to the right of the text box, or your video will not be correctly categorized for viewing and rating.
  6. Save draft if you are not yet finished, or Publish when finished. You can use “Preview” to see what your post will look like. Be sure to “Update” after any edits.

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